The Friday Five, 4/16/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

Not much going on this week, I took a walk yesterday just to get out of the house ... I haven't needed to leave the house since Tuesday, when we got takeout. 

HelloFresh Garden Spinach Ravioli with lemon cream sauce
HelloFresh Garden Spinach Ravioli with lemon cream sauce

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking a lot. HelloFresh has been giving me free boxes, and I realized you can actually request up to EIGHT meals in them (aka 16 servings!) so this past week I ordered five meals—four for myself, and one that I cooked for my mom and I, the Garden Spinach Ravioli that you see above. I also realized they own zero wooden spoons so I ordered a nice OXO set off of Amazon, and I'm keeping the smallest spoon for myself, too. I cooked two other HelloFresh meals already this week, then tonight I have tostadas to cook, for my boyfriend and I, and I have one more Brown Sugar Bourbon Chicken recipe to cook, probably on Sunday. 
  2. Finishing some TV shows + starting new ones. I watched the final two Made for Love episodes yesterday and wow, they were really good. I wish that series wasn't a "limited series" (meaning that it's only the eight episodes, with no chance of a second season), and I will definitely have to read the book now. I also watched the series finale of Kim's Convenience, though I didn't KNOW it was the series finale when I watched it :( and The Circle and Younger are back, so I started those this week. A friend had given me her Paramount+ login, because we thought Younger was only going to be airing there, but it turns out Hulu has it too. And The Circle, on Netflix, is a fun reality show that I like. 
  3. Getting takeout. On Saturday, my parents and I did not get takeout, since I cooked for them, but on Sunday my boyfriend and I got Uncle Andy's Pizza, in Clawson—their Chicago-style pizza is the best in this area, and their Groupon basically makes it half-off, which is a steal; normally it's about $20 for a large, and I estimated that I paid about $10. On Tuesday, we tried Noodle Topia, in Madison Heights, for the first time, also with a Groupon, and the food was very good, although we encountered a strange situation there; they claimed they didn't have our order, at first (we ordered online), then they said they might have it but no name was attached ... ? Really weird, but eventually it got figured out. They also have soup dumplings, which are hard to find in this area, and those were very good too, and they make their noodles in-house.
  4. No more B12 shots! Well, kinda—I still have to make monthly appointments, but I get my Fridays back to myself, since they tested me for B12 and therefore I don't have to shlep to Farmington today. I also have a colonoscopy coming up in about two weeks which I'm very much NOT looking forward to ... last time I did a 2-day prep, this time it's 3 days ... which means no food (just liquids/Jello/Italian ice) for about three days. And no food at all on the morning of the procedure. Yay. 
  5. Watching movies. I ended up watching a Drew Barrymore movie called The Stand-In, which Netflix suggested to me, last weekend; I love Drew Barrymore, but this movie was a little strange, and has like 20% on Rotten Tomatoes too. I would still give it 2.5/5 or 3/5 though because I enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this week too; we started watching the series years ago (he still hasn't seen all the movies in it!) so we still have movies 7A and 7B (technically movie #8) to watch. 
Chicago deep-dish pizza from Uncle Andy's, Clawson
Chicago deep-dish pizza from Uncle Andy's, Clawson

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