The Friday Five, 4/2/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

Haven't been doing much this week, so I might not have much to talk about here. Also, anyone else feel like March was crazy long? 

Red Pepper Gnocchi, from Home Chef
Red Pepper Gnocchi and garlic bread, from Home Chef

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. Home Chef rarely sends me deals but they sent me half off a box ($30 off), so I ordered from them last week. I compare them to HelloFresh in terms of tastiness and packaging—they group meals in individual bags, which is super nice. This week I actually screwed up so I had to order EveryPlate last minute—I thought I had Dinnerly scheduled, but actually deactivated my account—and I'll be doing HelloFresh for the next 4-5 weeks, as they sent me a ton of free boxes, randomly!
  2. Watching TV and movies. My parents and I saw Godzilla vs. Kong yesterday on HBO Max and maybe it was because I was booking vaccine appts. on my phone, but I found it kind of hard to follow. The action scenes were awesome though, and I was thinking it would have been great in a theater. As for TV, I've been watching my usual stuff, but I definitely need to play catchup on Good Girls, it looks like I'm about three episodes behind now. 
  3. Getting takeout. Last Saturday, my parents actually came to my house for once, and we got Uncle Andy's Pizza for takeout—that Groupon deal keeps on giving, I pay about $7-8 and I get $15 to use. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I got Detroit Wing Company takeout—they do a fantastic happy hour deal, 3-5pm every day, where their boneless wings are 40% off. My favorite flavors there are Teriyaki and Honey BBQ, and I also like their Garlic Parmesan ... his favorite are Buffalo and Lemon Pepper (dry rub) ... so needless to say we get separate orders, haha. I can't do spicy foods. 
  4. Attending a Zoom wedding! One of my cousins in Massachusetts was doing a very small outdoor wedding, and we were able to watch it on Zoom. There were about 40 people watching and, as I thought might happen, people did not mute themselves, lol, so sometimes we got other people on our screen vs. the wedding itself. The good news is that it was also on Facebook Live, though, so we actually were able to rewatching it (without interruptions, haha) after the Zoom stream was over. 
  5. Making more vaccine appointments. CVS opened up a ton more stores this week, as did Kroger, and it's getting easier to get an appointment, although I think when the proverbial floodgates open on April 5th, it might still be hard to get one. If any of my local readers need any vaccine info, feel free to email me at yesnodetroit at though! Also, I randomly picked up the phone yesterday and it turned out it was a Detroit News reporter, who got my number through a Yelp friend, and she wanted to talk to me about vaccine hunting ... so look for me in the News sometime soon! :O The reporter said either tomorrow (Sat.) or on Monday. 
Teriyaki Pad Thai with steak, from Home Chef
Teriyaki Pad Thai with steak, from Home Chef

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