The Friday Five, 4/23/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

It's crazy that it's already almost the end of April—my mom's birthday is on Sunday, so we'll be celebrating that, and the date I've dreaded since I scheduled it in December, my next colonoscopy, is a week from Monday, which will not be fun ... I have a three-day prep, which is a bit sadistic (most people have a one-day or one-night prep).

Flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce, mashed potatoes, & Mexican street corn, from Sedona Taphouse
Flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce, mashed potatoes, & Mexican street corn, from Sedona Taphouse

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating INSIDE a restaurant, and cooking! Something new and different for me, haha. Aside from a few patio/restaurant hybrid type situations, I mostly hadn't eaten INSIDE a restaurant since March 2020. Last Friday, I hit my "two weeks past second vaccination" peak, and on Sunday, we dined in at Sedona Taphouse in Troy. They did really well with social distancing and they also had some plexiglass up between booths and also every two bar stools, which was interesting. On Tuesday, we also ate in at Jersey Mike's in Madison Heights but we were the only people there. 
    I had HelloFresh again this week (see pic below) and I will have them next week as well. I made some tacos with a smoky red pepper crema earlier in the week, and Thai chicken yesterday, which surprisingly tasted pretty similar to food I had when I was IN Thailand in 2018 for work. 
  2. Seeing a movie, in a movie theater! I also wanted to see a movie because I hadn't seen one since March 15, 2020 (yes, I was counting ...) and on Tuesday, my boyfriend and I went to AMC John R to see Nobody, starring Bob Odenkirk. I also had some Fandango money to use from my friend Billy over at Mind on Movies, so it was free, too. There were literally five people in our showing, including us, so it felt pretty safe ... it's not something I'm going to be doing on the regular, but I'd like to go maybe once a month. 
  3. Realizing I might not have any vaccine antibodies! Of course I read this AFTER the movie night was planned, and after I had dined-in ... so that was fun. I think I must have at least SOME antibodies because I did have a pretty bad response to the vaccine—I had a pretty sore arm for 1.5 days after the first dose (Moderna), and was very, very fatigued for about THREE days after the second dose. I also read a study on the Crohns & Colitis site that said 4 out of 5 people on Infliximab (what I take for my infusions) made a good amount of antibodies after shot #2. But the NYT article, as well as one on The Atlantic's site, worries me. 
  4. Trying new TV shows. I was reading Entertainment Weekly yesterday and now I have a plethora of new shows to try. I tried out Chad (TBS) yesterday through Xfinity on-demand but couldn't really get into it ... it looked similar to PEN15 (Hulu) in that a 40-year-old woman was playing a teenage boy (in PEN15, two 30-something women are playing teenage girls), but I watched half and it was too weird for me; the humor wasn't for me, either. I tried out Rutherford Falls on Peacock yesterday (a Peacock exclusive, actually) and I liked the first episode, so I'll continue with that one; I also like Ed Helms. Just wish my smart TV had a Peacock app—it does not, so I'd have to Chromecast it. I also want to try Frank of Ireland (Prime) and Cruel Summer (Hulu), and I read that Shrill (Hulu) is coming back soon too, for its final season. I also watched Mare of Easttown (HBO Max) with Kate Winslet, which I liked—they are releasing only one episode per week of those—and The Nevers, also HBO Max, which definitely had an interesting premise but I probably won't continue with it, as I liked it but didn't LOVE it. (and obviously have too many other shows to watch ...) I also realized that my AppleTV+ press app had been updated with Mythic Quest season two, about half of Trying season two, and a new Justin Theroux show called The Mosquito Coast, so I have a lot to watch there as well. (for regular AppleTV+ subscribers, those come out in late April and early May, I believe)
  5. Surprisingly, not booking many vaccine appointments. Most people who are internet-savvy have already made theirs or at least had their first shot, it seems. Now our challenge (the vaccine angels and myself) is to find older people NOT on social media who might still be in need of a shot, and also convincing those on the fence to get it. Please do email me (yesnodetroit at gmail) if you or someone you know is still in need of an appointment. Also happy to answer any questions you might have about the vaccine itself (I'm not a doctor, but I have done a lot of Googling on it. 
HelloFresh Thai chicken with cilantro rice
HelloFresh Thai chicken with cilantro rice

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