The Friday Five, 5/14/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed busy and also not busy, for some reason. Obviously last weekend was better than the weekend before because I could eat and drink things ... I had a virtual event for work this week too so that kept me busy. 

Back at my favorite ice cream place, Browndog Barlor in Northville!
Back at my favorite ice cream place, Browndog Barlor in Northville!

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Dining out. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I drove to Detroit to pick up our Bon Bon Bon Spring Collection that I had pre-ordered for us online, and we had dinner *inside* at Detroit Shipping Company. Pre-pandemic, it was kind of a dining hall and they have different stalls—similar to a food court—where you could get food from. Nowadays, if you dine-in it's on the 2nd floor, and they also have a ton of outdoor seating, although it was raining out that day. I always get the Pad Thai roll from the Bangkok 96 stall, as well as the mango sticky rice—definitely not as good as the kind I had in Thailand, but it's the only place in the Metro Detroit area that has it. They also have a Caribbean stall and a Halal food stall, and my boyfriend got lamb with rice from that one. If you are dining in, they will deliver it to you upstairs, too. 
    On Saturday, I met up with some friends (all of us vaxxed!) for outdoor dining at Browndog. I think this is the first time in a YEAR+ that I have met up with more than one friend at a time for dining. I got their Bacon Brie Burger, which looked more epic in their promo pics but was okay, with the Browndog fries (fries with chocolate shavings, YUM) and, of course, their ice cream flight. 
    My parents and I also got Cottage Inn takeout that night, and on Monday my boyfriend and I tried the new Savvy Sliders, in Troy. Overall, it was just okay ... I really liked their Mediterranean Chicken sliders, the onion rings were okay, and the fries left a weird aftertaste, for some reason. They had some "bougie" flavors of soda like Black Cherry with Tarragon, though. On Wednesday, we got Sy Thai takeout, which is always tasty, although I ordered it mild and it tasted pretty spicy for some reason. 
  2. Cooking. I finished up Green Chef from last week and this week is my last HelloFresh box for a while, most likely, as I transition back to Dinnerly and EveryPlate. Last night I made pork taquitos with guacamole and pico de gallo, and tonight we have some orange pork tacos to make, I think it has orange zest or something in it. I also got two four-portion meals for my parents, so I'll be cooking triple-mushroom gnocchi for them on Saturday. 
  3. Watching movies. I saw two virtual movie screenings this week, and I actually went out to the theater (!) on Sunday to see Together Together, the new Ed Helms movie, to which I'd give 3.5/5 stars—it was cute. It was only myself and three other people there, luckily. On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I saw Finding You, at a virtual movie screening at home, and I'd give that 3.5/5 stars, but it's worth watching just for the Ireland scenery and the violin/fiddle music. Yesterday, I saw a screening of Profile, and HOLY CRAP, you guys, it was really, really good. Like 4.5/5 star good. Originally I was thinking even 5/5 stars, but I read some reviews and I did agree that we don't get a lot of backstory on the main character, which I would have liked. Definitely worth seeing though. 
    My boyfriend and I also finally saw Tenet on Monday, on HBO Max. It definitely isn't my favorite Nolan movie ... it has some interesting stuff in it, but Inception is much better, IMO. The plot in Tenet was hard to follow, too; I read its Wiki page after and then it made more sense to me. 
  4. Bon Bon Bon pickup in Midtown, Detroit. We were running late and they were closing at 7pm ... I think we arrived at like 6:52pm! My boyfriend and I decided to split the cost of the Spring Collection this time, as it's about $40 for 12 bons. Each is handmade and has an interesting taste, though, which is why I like Bon Bon Bon so much. 
  5. Attending a virtual Yelp event. On Tuesday night, I attended a Yelp event about financial advice; I didn't really take away much from it, but it was interesting. Not going to lie, the main reason I applied for the event was the perk that went with it: two free cupcakes from Bakehouse 46, Birmingham and Rochester. I picked up my cupcakes on Sunday and both were delicious; I also purchased a mini cupcake to add to them, too. 
Bon Bon Bon, Detroit
Bon Bon Bon makes the prettiest chocolates!

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