The Friday Five, 6/25/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This work week has seemed long, because I was out Monday and Tuesday for my Portage trip so then yesterday and Wednesday was spent playing catch-up. Today I am finally starting out with inbox zero (or, close enough to it) so it shouldn't be as crazy, fingers crossed. 

Pie FLIGHT (yes, flight) at Crane's Pie Pantry, Fennville, MI
Pie FLIGHT (yes, flight) at Crane's Pie Pantry, Fennville, MI

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Visiting friends in Portage, MI. One of my college friends lives there with her husband, and pre-pandemic we would visit and stay over at least once or twice per year. We visited last year but only for a second, to bring a pie from Crane's Pie Pantry in Fennville and play some games, so it was nice to see them and also not have to wear masks, since we are all vaccinated! We mostly did delivery (DoorDash, Chase gave me a free paid account for a year recently), but on Monday my boyfriend and I drove an hour to Fennville to meet up with a Birthright friend and her husband. Crane's has the best pies, and also does a pie flight (see above) which is excellent. I'll be staying with my Birthright friend in September in MA too, when I visit family there, but she lives in MA so it was nice to see her. 
  2. Attending a birthday dinner. One of my friends had a birthday dinner at E.G. Nicks in Plymouth last Saturday, which was a lot of fun—there were 15 of us, so we sat 10 at one table and 5 at another. E.G. Nicks used to have a WB location, and I remembered their bread as being fabulous, and it still is; they also have a fried brie, pita bread, and raspberry appetizer which is also really good. I had been to the Plymouth location once, on a date, before I met my boyfriend, I think back in 2016; so, it had been a while. The birthday also had karaoke after but I wanted to get home early so I would be rested for Portage the next day. 
  3. Watching movies and TV shows. I had my infusion last Saturday so I watched Luca, which was cute; I'd give it 3.5/5 stars. I read an article after about all of the hidden Pixar things in the movie and I have to admit I didn't notice any of them, lol ... pretty interesting, though. Yesterday, I watched the new movie Good on Paper, on Netflix, which was probably one of the crazier "romcoms" I've seen ... not even sure I would classify it as a romcom based on the ending. If you enjoy Margaret Cho and also the comic Iliza Shlesinger, you will enjoy it, though. Ryan Hansen, from 2 Broke Girls, was also in it, although I think he was wearing prosthetic teeth ... I haven't found anything about that online though.
    Tonight my boyfriend and I plan on checking out the new Liam Neeson movie on Netflix, too—I think it's called The Ice Road, and it dropped on Netflix today. 
    As for TV shows, Too Hot to Handle, one of my favorite trashy reality shows, is back with the first four episodes of season two this week, so I binged that on Wednesday and Thursday. The final six episodes will be up next week. I also finished season 1 of Why Women Kill, on Paramount+, and I'm looking forward to watching season 2, although I've heard it's very different. I still need to finish up Sweet Tooth, too, and I saw the AppleTV+ press app now has Mr. Corman, which will be out in August, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so I'll definitely be watching that one. My mom and I have been watching Physical, too—first time for her, and second time around for me, as I watched that on the press app too (find my review here). 
  4. Cooking. I had Martha & Marley Spoon last week, which was actually pretty good except for the last dish, and I have Home Chef this week, both of which are a treat—Marley Spoon is normally $65 per week and I got it for $27 on special, and Home Chef is normally $60 and they gave me a few $35 weeks. $30-40 is the max I like to pay for the meal kit boxes. I think next week I'm back to Dinnerly for $25.95 ($40.95 regular price) and I have a few of those weeks coming up, as well as a few EveryPlate boxes. 
    I sometimes get Dinnerly referral links too—I get one every time I order one box—so drop your email below or email me at if you'd like a box! It would cost you $8.99 for shipping, but that's pretty good for 3 meals aka 6 servings. 
  5. Watching The Handmaid's Tale season finale. I forgot to include this in my TV roundup but wow ... pretty powerful ending. That's all I'll say here in case people haven't seen it yet, but if you watch the show, make sure to check it out.
Donuts from Sweetwater's Donut Mill, Kalamazoo
Donuts from Sweetwater's Donut Mill, Kalamazoo

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