The Friday Five, 8/13/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

I am SUPER tired today because my mom and I went to the Lindsey Stirling concert at Freedom Hill last night ... we actually got back at a reasonable time, maybe around 10:30pm, but then I was uploading all of my pictures/videos—you can see them on my personal Facebook and my Instagram stories (@yesnodetroit). 

Lindsey Stirling—upside-down—playing violin, at Freedom Hill

What I've been up to this week:
    1. Lindsey Stirling concert at Freedom Hill. My mom and I went to this yesterday—all of my 2020 concerts got moved to 2021 and later 2022, this was the only one that wasn't rescheduled. I figured it would be COVID-safe since it's outdoors; however, when we got there, they told us that our pavilion tickets were actually fold-out seats (section 600A, row A), which was ... interesting. It was actually super nice, because we could spread out quite a bit—there were two ladies to our left, both wearing masks, and a few people to our right—but it wasn't what I was expecting! The concert itself was fantastic, which didn't surprise me because her concerts always are—I've seen her at the Fox Theater, Michigan Theater, Stranahan Theater (Toledo), and now Freedom Hill—and it was nice to have what felt like a night of normalcy during this pandemic. I would guesstimate about 25% of people wore masks, and like I mentioned on my Facebook, you aren't allowed to bring large purses/bags—technically you weren't allowed to bring ANY bags, just small wallets, but some people were allowed in with small clutches. The person ahead of me had to throw away the apple she brought, and also they were not allowed to bring in a stainless steel water bottle; however, sealed/clear bottles of water are allowed, which the Freedom Hill website did not say, otherwise we would have brought one. 
    2. Seeing movies at the theater. Last Friday I saw Stillwater, which was surprisingly excellent—I'd give it 4.5/5 stars, and the half-star deduction is only because it was long and a bit slow. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I saw The Suicide Squad, which was fun but very bloody; I'd give that 4/5 stars. Today, I have tickets to see Respect, which is the new movie about Aretha Franklin, and it looks pretty good. 
    3. Influencer event. @takemeoutdetroit (aka Megan and Jake) invited me to an event at Not Just Noodle, in Madison Heights, which was great because I live about ten minutes away—it's in the same plaza as Lao Pot and Meet Fresh. We got to try all of Not Just Noodle's dishes, my favorite being the beef rolling pies (like little beef sandwiches), and they also brought us some goodies from Meet Fresh next door, like their shaved ice and some bubble teas. It was fun to meet some new influencer people as well. 
    4. Getting takeout. No dining-in this week, not including Not Just Noodle, although I am meeting my boyfriend later for Ima after the movie, assuming it's not packed. Last Sunday, we got Uncle Andy's takeout—sadly, they are no longer participating with Groupon, so this was the last Groupon deal I had—and last night my parents and I got Pita Way takeout. 
    5. Watching TV shows. I finished up Mrs. Fletcher on HBO Max and I wish it was longer, as it was really good. I started Sex/Life on Netflix which is a bit ridiculous but also fun in a corny way. The last four episodes of Fboy Island dropped on Thursday on HBO as well, hopefully I will watch those tomorrow ... maybe during my infusion time, although I usually like to choose a movie. I've also been continuing to watch Monsters at Work (Disney+), Grownish (Freeform/Hulu), and The White Lotus (HBO). 
    HelloFresh Steak Banh Mi sandwich

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