The Friday Five, 8/27/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week went by relatively fast. Today is the first Friday in a while that I'm not seeing a movie, at least at a theater—the big release out this week is Candyman, which is too scary for me, and I was going to see Reminiscence but I heard it's terrible, so I'll probably try it out on HBO Max at some point instead. 

Mushroom Detroit-style pizza from Buddy's Pizza
Mushroom deep-dish pizza (Detroit-style) from Buddy's, Novi

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out and takeout. On Saturday, my parents and I did Buddy's Novi for takeout, and we got their large mushroom deep dish pizza (pictured above). My favorite Buddy's pizza is the pepperoni—they put it under the crust and it's amazing—but my mom doesn't eat pork, so we usually do chicken or mushroom as a topping. On Tuesday, I had to go to Detroit for an errand, so my boyfriend and I went to Green Dot Stables for dinner, which is always delicious—most of their sliders are like $2.50-4.00, and they also have cocktails for $3.50. I usually get three sliders and their truffle fries. They also have a nice covered/shaded patio area if you're looking to eat outside, although we ate inside. 
  2. Seeing movies at the theater. On Friday I saw Free Guy in 3D, which was a lot of fun—I'd give it 4.5/5 stars—and on Sunday I saw The Protege, which was an action movie but also fun. I'd give that one 4/5 stars. No theater movies today, like I mentioned above, because there's nothing really out this week that I wanted to see. 
  3. Streaming TV and movies. My parents and I watched CODA, which is short for Child of Deaf Adults, on AppleTV+ last Saturday night and all really enjoyed it. I also finished up Sex/Life and The Jim Gaffigan Show this week (Netflix + Paramount+), wildly different shows for sure but I enjoyed both. I've watched more Modern Love on Prime this week too and today there are a LOT of good movies coming to streaming: I plan on watching He's All That later, on Netflix (a sex reversal of She's All That, a classic teen '90s/2000s movie), and Vacation Friends is on Hulu too. Tomorrow I'm hoping to watch Beckett with my parents, which stars John David Washington (Denzel's son). 
  4. Getting my third COVID-19 shot. On Friday, per the CDC's recommendation that immunocompromised people can now get a 3rd shot, I went to my local CVS to get my 3rd Moderna shot. I was a little nervous about side effects because with my previous two shots, I was lethargic for about three days after the 2nd shot, hence why I went on a Friday. What a change from my previous two shots ... I was the only one there for a shot (sad, but at least it made it quick), and they even gave me a little goodie bag filled with a 20% off coupon and some product samples (Ricola, etc.) afterwards. My side effects were also minimal, similar to my 1st shot: some arm pain for about 2 days, and a day after I was a little bit tired, but was still able to drive and see friends/my parents that day. 
  5. Cooking. I've been spoiled and I did Home Chef last week and also this week, because they gave me $100 off ($25 off across four boxes) which is ending soon ... so that makes it $35 a week instead of $60, which is doable. Below was one of my favorite recipes I made: it was a "premium" recipe (aka a few dollars more per portion) but definitely worth it. They called it the "Ultimate California Burger" and that's because of the avocado on top, and it also came with truffle fries.  
Ultimate CA burger (with avocado) and truffle fries, from Home Chef
Ultimate CA burger (with avocado) and truffle fries, from Home Chef

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