The Friday Five, 8/6/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

I guess this week was semi-busy but it didn't really feel like it. I'm still glad it's Friday, though. 

Steak with shallot-garlic butter, seasonal veggies, and patatas bravas, from Pumachug
Steak with shallot-garlic butter, seasonal veggies, and patatas bravas, from Pumachug

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing movies—twice, kinda. On Friday I *attempted* to see Jungle Cruise in 3D at AMC John R. It was perfect because it was only myself and a father and his son there, and they were sitting far away from me, too. However, about 20-25 minutes into the movie, the screen went dark and a few lights came on—the theater had lost power, and we had to evacuate. They did give me a free pass to come back, but because the AMC app still thought I was at a movie, I was unable to rebook right away (I've done that before, where I dart up to the Forum instead). However, since I was already out, I went to T.J. Maxx and ended up getting a new purse instead, which I needed, and I also rebooked Jungle Book 3D for Sunday, later that day, and ended up seeing it then. It was a fun film, I'd give it 3.5/5 stars. I also watched Shiva Baby on HBO Max this week which was NOT entirely what I was expecting, I'd probably give it 3 or 3.25/5 stars. 
  2. Dining out. Last Friday before the movie, I grabbed a Starbucks tomato & mozzarella sandwich, since I had a 1/2 off coupon for it from the last Starbucks game, and I ate it after the (attempted) movie. On Saturday, I met a friend at Masala Indian Cuisine, in Novi, which was a new restaurant for both of us, and it was very good. I also grabbed some Ding Tea afterwards, for myself and other friends that are in town; I had been to that location before but completely forgotten about it. On Sunday, my boyfriend brought over Brome takeout, from Dearborn, which has the best burgers and also garlic fries (fries with garlic dipping sauce). On Monday, I met up with a coworker friend at Bobcat Bonnie's, and we stopped by Cupcake Station after—Ferndale really needs more dessert options that aren't ice cream!—and on Tuesday, my boyfriend and I finally got to dine inside at Pumachug (I have dined outside there before, and done takeout, but never dined inside). 
  3. Watching TV shows. This week was the finale of Kevin Can F*** Himself, and it was pretty good. I've also been continuing to watch The White Lotus, and this week's episode was bananas; Grownish; Fboy Island; Gossip Girl (the reboot); Friends; and others. I also watched the series finale of Why Women Kill last week, and that was really good too—I know I've been touting that show a lot on here, if you have Paramount+ you should check it out. I think they also give a month's free trial, too.
  4. Seeing friends. Saw a lot of friends this week, which was nice. On Saturday, I met up with my friend for Indian food, as I mentioned before; later that day, another friend and her husband are in town from Portage, so I hung out with them and had bubble tea (fruit tea, this time—I usually do milk tea). On Monday, I saw my coworker friend for dinner, and also that day, I visited a friend to go see his new house, which was also in Ferndale. 
  5. Cooking. I had an EveryPlate box last week and also an EveryPlate box this week. Last night we made a ponzu steak dish with charred snap peas and garlic/ginger rice, which was actually really good—probably like 4.5/5 stars from me. I have a balsamic chicken dish left to make this weekend, and then on Monday I'm getting a HelloFresh delivery—I usually prefer Tuesday deliveries but I am going on vacation next weekend, so I wanted to get it a little earlier. 
Chocolate PB cupcake, from Cupcake Station, Ferndale
Chocolate PB cupcake, from Cupcake Station, Ferndale

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