The Friday Five, 10/15/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has gone by relatively quickly, and it's been pretty busy; I think next week hopefully won't be as busy for me. 

Chicken wonton tacos, from Applebee's
Chicken wonton tacos, from Applebee's

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out/getting takeout. A bit too much, as the scale reflected it this morning. Last Friday I got Del Taco takeout before seeing a movie, and on Saturday I got Indian takeout from a new (to me) place called New Delhi, in Sterling Heights—it was good but I prefer Main St. Kitchen in Clawson more. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I got Condado Tacos takeout, which is always delicious, and on Tuesday we went to Applebee's for their happy hour, before a movie—they do a surprisingly good happy hour although I noticed the menu had been cut down a bit (i.e., the chicken wonton tacos pictured above, which are my favorite thing there, are no longer on the HH menu, so it's $8.99; however, we got soft pretzels with beer cheese for $4, which was a great deal). On Wednesday, I met a college friend at Kruse and Muer, in the Village of Rochester Hills, which was delicious; their bread is always super tasty. And yesterday, my boyfriend and I did Pita Way takeout with a "BOGO 1/2 off" coupon I had. 
  2. Seeing movies. Quite a few. Last Friday I saw Lamb at the theater, which was weird but I'm still thinking about it this week; I'd give it maybe 3.5/5 stars. On Saturday I watched Birds of Paradise, on Prime, during my infusion, and I'd give that 4/5 stars—it also had a fantastic soundtrack. My mom and I watched The Guilty on Netflix, and I'd give that maybe 4/5 stars, although the Danish original, on Hulu, is better—I saw that at the Cinetopia Film Festival (Ann Arbor/Detroit) a few years ago and it was possibly one of my favorite movies of the entire festival. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I saw No Time to Die, the new James Bond movie, at the theater, and I'd give that maybe 3.5/5 or 4/5 stars—it probably would've been 4 stars but it was just so long (2.5 hours). I have tickets to see The Last Duel today at the theater but that one is also 2.5 hours, so I may switch it to Addams Family 2 last minute (1.5 hours) ... we'll see. 
  3. Watching TV. My boyfriend and I have been watching Squid Game, but because we are watching it together, I have to wait for him to come to my house before I can watch it; because of that, we just finished episode 6 (of 9) yesterday, which was quite good. The Babysitters Club returned this week so I started that, and I finally finished Maid (Netflix) which was excellent; I highly recommend that one, and also Alone Together (Hulu), which I finished yesterday too. I've been trying to catch up on Young Sheldon, B. Positive, and Love is Blind Brazil, as well, and You (Netflix) season 2 just dropped today, too. I also caught up on The Good Doctor and Ordinary Joe this week, on Hulu and network TV; I'm still not sure if I like Ordinary Joe. I always love movies/TV shows with alternate lives/timelines but I find Joe kind of hard to follow sometimes. I've also been continuing to watch American Crime Story: Impeachment (FX), which was excellent this week, and Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. (Disney+'s spinoff of Doogie Howser, M.D.). 
  4. Receiving my antibody bloodwork back. As a follow-up to last week: I got the results back, and they are good, but I was hoping they'd be higher. In my first round of bloodwork, taken in May (about 1 month after my 2nd Moderna shot), my number was 4.7—if your number is 1.0 or above, it means you have antibodies, but some participants in the study had a number that was 30+ ... a researcher in the study even told me some people had numbers that were like 100-300+. So I took my 4.7 number to mean that I have antibodies, but not a ton. As of this month, approximately 2 months after my 3rd Moderna shot, my number was 9.7 ... so on one hand, the antibody number MORE than doubled! But I was hoping it would be the "good antibodies" (just my terminology for it, lol), like 20-30+ or so. 
  5. Cooking. I had a Dinnerly box this past week, and the last meal I made from it was its pulled chicken enchiladas, which were actually really delicious; I'd give them like 5/5 stars. This week, a friend gave me a free Factor75 box, which will be interesting to try, even though it showed up one day late, with one of my four meals not being the meal I chose ... they are basically like bougie Lean Cuisines except they aren't frozen, they are fresh, chef-prepared meals. It's $60 for 4 meals which is kinda pricey normally, but we'll see how I like them. You can get $90 off your first box by clicking on my link here. 
    I ordered Blue Apron this week but it's arriving today, and only two meals; they gave me a bunch of $40 off deals on my boxes, so it was $9.99 for two meals, or I could have done three meals for $23.95 (aka, two meals was the better deal, and since I was getting my Factor75 box anyways, it should work out fine). 
"Michigan Pasta," with string beans, cherries, walnuts, mushrooms, and chicken, from Kruse & Muer
"Michigan Pasta," with string beans, cherries, walnuts, mushrooms, and chicken, from Kruse & Muer

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