The Friday Five, 10/22/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

I'm not going to lie, this week has been pretty bad (see below as to why). Yesterday and today were my first normal-ish days so I'm hoping the weekend will be good—my neighbor and I are seeing Dune tonight, which I'm looking forward to, and I have Ron's Gone Wrong booked for Sunday, too.

Pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper pizza from Alibi, Troy
Pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper pizza from Alibi, Troy

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing movies. I guess I will go about this chronologically this week. Last Friday, I saw The Last Duel, and I wasn't going to go, because it's a 2.5-hour long movie; however, I'm very glad I did, as it was really good, and it's based on a true story, too. I'd give it 4.5/5 and the performances from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver, and Jodie Comer were worth seeing. On Sunday, I watched about half of Roadrunner, on DVD (the Anthony Bourdain documentary), and it was okay. 
  2. A friend's housewarming/birthday party, and dinner with a friend. The housewarming/birthday party was on Sunday. This was fun because I got to meet new people (rare in a pandemic; but the birthday boy/new house owner said everyone was vaccinated, and there were only about ten of us), and also see a college friend. I was outside for about half of it and then inside for about half to chat with people. On Monday, I met a new friend for dinner—we have been social media friends for a while now, but she's the wife of another friend's ex-boyfriend, and hadn't yet met up IRL. We were going to get pickle pizza but the place was closed on Mondays, so we ended up at Alibi in Troy instead, which has pretty good pizza; it was my second time there, the first time was a few years ago.
  3. Replacing my hot water heater. I usually take baths, and on Tuesday night, after I took my bath, I noticed my hot water heater (which was 9 years old) was making weird noises. I checked it out and there was water—about a half-inch—all around the hot water heater. My neighbor came over with a garden hose, and we drained the tank, which took about an hour ... I only have one water lever for my house, just one on/off switch, so I turned the water off just in case, and used bottled water to brush my teeth that night and the next morning. The next day someone came to look at it and it turned out water was dripping onto the pilot light, I guess? They replaced it the same day, which was good, but I'm still having an issue where my downstairs bathroom faucet isn't at 100% stream ... I would say maybe 60 or 70%. So that needs to be checked out. So all in all, a REALLY fun Tuesday. ( / sarcasm) I'm now about $1500 poorer but at least I have another 9 or 10 years before I have to deal with it again, hopefully. 
  4. Watching TV shows. I finished Squid Game on Wednesday night, and the ending was pretty crazy; it had a twist that I didn't see coming. I also finished Babysitters Club this week and I binged You on Netflix from Saturday through Monday, which was also excellent, although I might be biased (I've loved Penn Badgley ever since the original Gossip Girl). I also have returned to Sex Education on Netflix—it's a great show but the episodes are a bit long (about an hour) so I will watch the remainder during my lunch break. And I know I plug this show every week, but American Crime Story: Impeachment was also fabulous this week; Beanie Feldstein is really great in her role as Monica Lewinsky. 
A friend had Crumbl delivered to me! Twix, Rice Krispie, more Twix, and PB Cup cookies
A friend had Crumbl delivered to me! Twix, Rice Krispie, more Twix, and PB Cup cookies

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