The Friday Five, 10/29/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

It's been a long week, but we've finally made it to Friday! I'm finally getting pickle pizza later with a friend—we tried to go last Monday but the restaurant ended up being closed on Mondays.

Margherita pizza from Bar Verona, Commerce Twp.
Margherita pizza from Bar Verona, Commerce Twp.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Watching movies. Last Friday my neighbor and I went to go see Dune in the theater. I'd give it 3.5/5 overall—the cinematography was incredible but the movie actually was technically titled Dune Part 1, and just when the movie started to get interesting, it ended. Because of that I still want to watch the original, which is also on HBO Max, at some point. I accidentally took a little snoozle for the first 20 minutes or so of this version, but this one is streaming on HBO Max right now too so I was able to catch up when I got home. On Sunday, I took myself out to see Ron's Gone Wrong, which was pretty good; 4/5 from me. And on Tuesday, I saw The Addams Family 2, which was about what I expected, but just so-so overall ... like 2.5/5. I think I liked the first one better but of course the live-action movies, with Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci, are the best. 
  2. Going out to eat. On Friday, my neighbor and I ended up stopping by Osaka in Clawson after the movie, and I had beef udon soup and we also split a California roll. On Saturday night, my parents and I got takeout from Bar Verona, in Commerce Twp., which is always delicious; this is the second time we've had takeout from them, both times with a gift certificate because their pizza is usually expensive ($13-14ish for a medium-sized one, as pictured above). On Wednesday, I met a coworker friend at Masa, in Farmington, for some street tacos, and also got to meet her super cute new husky pup. 
  3. Watching TV shows. This week I've been watching B. Positive, Young Sheldon, The Morning Show, and my usual shows. Love Life is back on HBO Max as of yesterday, too, and although Anna Kendrick isn't the main star this season, the main star is the actor who played Chidi on The Good Place, and I'm really liking it so far. HBO Max has already released three episodes, so I'm guessing next week will be another three. My friends convinced me to give Locke & Key another try, too, and the pilot episode was pretty good, so that will probably be my new lunchtime show—season 2 was just released on Netflix. 
  4. Cooking. I have Blue Apron this week, but only two meals—they gave me $160 off four boxes, aka $40 off per box, and it was only $9.99 for two meals, versus $23.99 for three meals. Kind of worked out anyways because I've been busy this week, and then tonight I'm meeting a friend for dinner too. Last week was Dinnerly, and next week will be Marley Spoon, also two boxes. 
  5. Receiving my Bon Bon Bon box! It's always a "bon day" when I get one of these. Ironically, I had ordered it on 10/18, ahead of the craziness that happened the rest of the week ... normally I go to their Midtown Detroit location to pick up my box but instead I sprung for the extra $8 or so for shipping. Bon Bon Bon hand-packages every single bon (chocolate), and it's a lot of fun to follow their Instagram channel to see how they are made. It's definitely not inexpensive chocolate—I think for 12 small chocolates plus shipping it was about $45—but each one is like unwrapping a present. Also helps with portion control since each one is individually-wrapped and small! I ordered their Valentine's Day collection this year, plus summer for my Massachusetts friends as a gift, and possibly the spring collection, I think. They also have a shop in Ann Arbor, which I still need to check out. 
Bon Bon Bon's fall collection!
Bon Bon Bon's fall collection!

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