The Friday Five, 11/12/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed long, especially with the time change, but I'm headed to Portage today to see some friends! As a precaution, I did an at-home COVID test yesterday, since I am staying with them, and thankfully tested negative. 

Large pickle pizza from J's Penalty Box, Ferndale
Large pickle pizza from J's Penalty Box, Ferndale

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out, probably a bit too much ... Last Friday, a friend and I went to Buddy's Pizza Troy —I have done takeout there a few times but I think this was the first time I actually dined in there, which was nice. On Saturday, I met someone at Brown Iron Brewhouse, in Royal Oak, which I had always wanted to try but hadn't yet, and it was very good. On Sunday, I went out to El Guanaco in Troy, which is a hole-in-the wall but the pupusas and tacos are always excellent. On Monday, my parents and I went to Maggiano's to celebrate their anniversary; on Tuesday, I met a friend at Kung Fu Tea; on Wednesday, I had dinner at Main Street Kitchen, which was my first time dining in there too (vs. doing takeout); and on Thursday, I met someone at J's Penalty Box, in Ferndale, for the pickle pizza you see above. I hadn't had their pickle pizza yet but on Thursdays they do half off pizzas; a large pickle pizza there is $19.00, which is a bit steep, but $9.50 is definitely a reasonable price for it. 
  2. Meeting up with friends. I forgot to mention in the above paragraph that on Sunday, I went to Ann Arbor for the day and I met up with an old friend from middle school—she moved away to Florida after 8th grade, I believe, but now lives in Ann Arbor. We had Blimpy Burger, which is one of my favorite Ann Arbor places. After that, I met up with another friend who also lives in Ann Arbor, and our friend who lives in South Lyon, and we had coffee outdoors at Drip House, which I hadn't tried before—it's right across from the stadium. It was about 60 degrees out that day so it was nice to sit outside. One of my friends got this lavender lemonade and the shop added edible glitter to it—super pretty drink! 
  3. Doctor appointments. One of my doctors actually got COVID a few months ago and has been rescheduling all of her patients, so I ended up going to a (pretty swanky) place in Birmingham instead. Then on Thursday I had to get my B12 shot, so I had to trek to Farmington in the morning, as well. 
  4. Back to Belle Tire ... The tire saga continues, LOL. I put air in my tires—all of which were showing low PSI—last week. Then on Saturday, the "check tire" light went on—in the summer, that used to come on a LOT, and I never knew if it was the tires or if the sensor itself was messed up. I brought it to Belle Tire on Thursday, expecting to leave it there for the day, but they were able to take a quick look and it turned out the tires were OVERFILLED, which is a new one for me. The tech let out some of the air, so fingers crossed that that was the issue. 
  5. Watching the season finale of Married at First Sight. I'm in a few fan groups so I already knew who was going to say "yes" and "no" ... but it was still a trainwreck, haha. In addition to that, my Xfinity app was not working on my iPad or phone—I think Xfinity recently updated their apps and now they only work on 4G for me both on my phone and iPad, which is super weird—so I had to find another way to watch it. The "Houston reunion" next week should be wild as well, as two of the cast members are now DATING each other (i.e., they were both in separate MAFS marriages, both of which just ended, and now they are dating). MAFS has been my pandemic guilty pleasure binge, and if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it—this was season 13 and most of the seasons are on Hulu and Prime, I believe. 
Tiramisu from Maggiano's
Tiramisu from Maggiano's

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