The Friday Five, 12/17/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has been like the longest week ever, but I'm hoping this weekend will be fun, as I have a few plans lined up.

Churro, "Double Trouble," Mint Chip Ice Cream, and Turtle cookies from Crumbl
Churro, "Double Trouble," Mint Chip Ice Cream, and Turtle cookies from Crumbl

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. I've been stuck in the house all week but I received a Dinnerly box last week and also this week. Yesterday I made a seasoned steak dish with brown butter lyonnaise sweet potatoes, and I think those were maybe the best sweet potatoes I've ever eaten, in my entire life ... of course, I paid for it today, as it had a lot of butter and parmesan cheese in it. I am getting a Blue Apron box next week, but only two meals, and it's the week before Xmas and I'm anticipating not having a lot of time to cook. 
  2. Watching movies. I saw the new Spider-Man: No Way Home movie at a press screening this week (click here to read my review) and it was very good, although long, clocking in at 2h36m. On Sunday, I saw the new West Side Story with an Instagram friend (someone I hadn't met in person before, always interesting!) and I really liked that one, I think I gave it 4/5 or 4.5/5—it's worth seeing in the theater. I also rewatched Love, Actually on DVD last night, one of my favorite holiday movies. 
  3. Going to influencer events. On Friday, I went to what was more of an "open house" influencer event for the new Tiger Sugar, in Madison Heights. They let me try two different drinks, I tried #1 (the original) and #3 (with chocolate malt) and both were excellent. Even better, you can get the drinks lactose-free, as well—since I have trouble with dairy, I did try that out, although I will say my +1 got the regular (with organic milk) drink, I think drink #2 on the menu, and that was more delicious than mine. On Saturday, I drove down to Dearborn to meet up with some Instagram and blogger friends to try Noah's Smokehouse, and everything there was excellent, most notably the brisket. We even had brisket samosas, which was intriguing. 
  4. Watching TV shows. I watched episode 3 of the new Sex and the City reboot, and I think it was my favorite of the three episodes I've seen so far; one friend said she really liked it because she felt like it addressed what happens "after the party is over," since they are now 55 and (spoiler) a major character just died, and I would agree. I've also been trying to finish The Great, on Hulu, which has been fantastic, and I have two episodes left; after that I want to start Harlem, on Prime, as my lunchtime show. 
  5. Dining out & getting takeout. On Friday, I had a free cheesy bread coupon from Green Lantern to use, and work was slow, so I drove over to the Royal Oak takeout location during lunch to get it. On Saturday, I met up with someone for drinks at Redcoat Tavern, also in Royal Oak, and I ended up getting their onion rings, too, which were delicious. On Sunday, my IG friend and I got MeetFresh after the movie (bubble tea for me, pudding for her), and on Monday, some friends and I went to the Melting Pot for their ugly sweater celebration, as they were doing special pricing for their 3-course menu. Unrelated, since my week has been kinda crappy, someone sent me Crumbl cookies via delivery, which was really nice (see pic above). 
Tiger Sugar, in Madison Heights
Tiger Sugar, in Madison Heights

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