The Friday Five, 12/24/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

So you know how I said last week "I'm hoping this weekend will be fun, since I have some plans lined up?" My plans ended up all being canceled, as I tested positive for COVID on a rapid test last Saturday morning, and confirmed the results with an at-home test later that day. So this week has been fun ... 

Blue Apron feta-stuffed burger with oregano potatoes
Blue Apron feta-stuffed burger with oregano potatoes

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Trying to rest/recuperate. Which is not easy for me, because I usually like to be on-the-go, but I've been trying to go to bed by 11pm daily and wake up at 8:30am for work (I have been working from home since March 2020 at this point). Yesterday I was "bad" and stayed up until 2am, but only because I knew I was not working today, so I slept in until 11am. Next week I may have to work a little bit but it shouldn't be too much. Today is Day 9 of my symptoms, and the first day I can technically leave the house is Day 11, which will be Sunday—after Christmas, unfortunately—but I may wait a few extra days, as immunocompromised people sometimes have symptoms longer than "regular"/healthy people. 
  2. Watching movies. Definitely a lot of movies this week! And today I want to watch the new Leo DiCaprio movie on Netflix. Yesterday I rewatched 10 Things I Hate About You on Disney+, one of my favorite movies, and I watched two cute Christmas movies on Hulu: Single All the Way, and Ghosting, which was definitely NOT your "typical" Christmas movie. I also saw Being the Ricardos, the new Lucy/Desi movie, on Prime. I have a whole list of movies to get through so I'll be doing that a lot next week, although once I feel better I have some AMC A-List movies I'll be watching—with a mask on—too. 
  3. Cooking and getting delivery. I had a Dinnerly box last week that I finished up this week, and I ordered two meals from Blue Apron for this week; I still have a steak dinner left to cook, so I may do that tomorrow for my Christmas meal, since I'll be home alone. A very sweet friend brought over some Thai takeout for me, and my parents brought me some chicken lemon soup that I requested, from The Great Greek, too. I got 2941 Street Food delivery from GrubHub, which was fantastic since I hadn't had them in quite a while, and I'm thinking I might get Chinese food delivered this weekend too, maybe on Sunday. I don't do delivery that often but it's definitely a nice option to have, especially since I'm stuck at home. 
  4. Monoclonal antibodies infusion. Since I am a UM patient, I was able to get this done on Tuesday at one of their Ann Arbor facilities, off of Jackson Rd. It involved four shots to the stomach, and then I had to stick around for an hour to make sure I didn't have an adverse reaction. I had my own room + bathroom, which was nice, and I brought my iPad and watched half of Being the Ricardos when I was there. 
  5. Lots of virtual visits/hangouts. I played Covidopoly with someone (one of my favorite online games) on Monday night, and I also had a virtual doctor's appt. with my PCP on Monday. I have a standing Covidopoly "date" with friends on Friday nights, and we might do that later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow instead since it's Christmas Eve. I have a virtual hangout scheduled with two friends for Sunday, as well. 
Christmas meme, everything is fine
This is me this week ...


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