The Friday Five, 12/3/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed kind of long (probably because it's the week after a holiday week ...) so I'm glad today is Friday.

Bumpy cake from Pop's for Italian, Ferndale
Bumpy cake from Pop's for Italian, Ferndale

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Eating out, probably too much again ... Last Friday, I didn't have to work, so I met someone at Red Robin for lunch, in Livonia (before a movie), and then for dinner I met someone at Bar Verona in Commerce. I have had Bar Verona pizza takeout before and it was really good; I had a pork chops entree this time and it was also very good, although I will say the tiramisu was so-so. On Saturday, some friends and I did delivery from Grand Azteca in WB, and everything was just okay, although I suspect that was because the food had a 15-minute drive to my friend's house. I also got Crumbl Cookies to bring over to her house, from the Novi location. On Sunday, I got Indian takeout from a place in Berkley called Grill & Curry, which was actually really delicious; on Monday, I got Korean BBQ from Chung Ki Wah, which is always tasty; and last night I dined in at Pop's for Italian, in Ferndale, where I got their housemade (I think) Bumpy cake, which was also really delicious. Their pasta is great as well, I went there for a Yelp Elite event years ago and they showed us how they make the pasta and pizza. 
  2. Seeing movies in the theater. After Red Robin last week, I went to see Belfast at Phoenix Theatre, which was good but different than how I thought it would be; probably 3.5/5 from me. On Wednesday, I was finally able to see Spencer, and I was the only one there, at the Forum. It was more of psychological look into Princess Diana's life than I thought it would be, so I'd give it 3/5, except I will say Kristen Stewart was phenomenal in it, and probably will be getting some award nominations, for her role as Princess Diana. 
  3. Watching UM beat OSU. For the first time in what, I think ten years but technically nine? They will be playing Iowa tomorrow as well, I forget if it's for the Big Ten Championship or some other distinction. I plan on watching a bit of it but unfortunately my Crohn's infusion has been moved to Sunday morning, vs. Saturday, so I'll have to head to bed a little earlier on Saturday night. 
  4. Watching TV shows. I definitely binged Selling Sunset last weekend, and now the (newer version of) Gossip Girl is back. The Sex Lives of College Students continues to be excellent, on HBO Max, and I've been trying to catch up with The Great, on Hulu, as well, since season 2 was just released. The Good Doctor was also excellent this week, and I've been working my way through Locke and Key on Netflix as my lunchtime show during work. 
  5. Coat shopping. I really hate clothing shopping, especially during the pandemic since I wear masks to stores, but my mom and I checked out a few different places last Sunday, and I ended up getting a new coat from Maurice's, in Novi. They didn't have the size I needed but they were able to ship it to me for free, which was nice, and I wore it yesterday for the first time. My previous winter coat was getting a bit tight and also is a few years old at this point. 
Sugar ft. Candy Corn, Maple Cinnamon Roll, and two Salted Caramel Cheesecake cookies from Crumbl
Sugar ft. Candy Corn, Maple Cinnamon Roll, and two Salted Caramel Cheesecake cookies from Crumbl

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