The Friday Five, 2/25/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

Most of this week involved Phoenix, since I was there late Friday night (arrived 11pm MST) to Wednesday morning. Tonight I'm going to see Oklahoma at the Fox with friends, which should be fun—I haven't been to the Fox since late 2019.

Dobbins Lookout, Phoenix
Dobbins Lookout, Phoenix

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Traveling, but I'll break this into a few parts. Part one: the actual traveling. I arrived at PHX around 11pm on Friday night and my boyfriend picked me up at the airport in his rental car. I was a little bit hungry so of course our first stop was ... In-N-Out, haha. Love their burgers. PHX-DTW on Wed. was a little more of a hassle. I've never seen such a disorganized airport—I arrived at 10am for an 11:30am flight (10:50am boarding), hoping to grab a quick lunch before my flight, but no such luck, as I didn't finish checking my bag until 10:40am. Then you have to take an escalator upstairs to get to TSA, and the LINE for the escalator was about 100 people deep ... so by the time I got upstairs and through TSA (Pre-check, thankfully; the regular line was about 25 mins. long), it was like 11am and I had to rush to my gate. 
  2. Foods while traveling! I was hoping to get some good tacos in Phoenix; I did try frybread, which was interesting—the cinnamon one we got for dessert was actually the best—and a few other things. Four of us went for unlimited Korean BBQ one night (see pic below) and that was great. I also got to go to In-N-Out, as I mentioned, and Raising Cane's, which has one of my favorite sauces; the last time I went was in 2019 in Vegas, I got delivery to my hotel. 
  3. Fun activities. On Saturday we drove to a few places, including the aptly-named "Hole in the Rock," which required a short (5- to 10-minute hike) walk to the top, and Dobbins Point (see pic above), which had some great views. On Sunday, we met up with my UM friend Sarah—she was actually my "big sister" in Sigma Alpha Iota, the women's music fraternity that I was in during college—whom now lives in Arizona, and spent a few hours at the Phoenix Zoo, which was fun. The weather was perfect too, about 70-80 degrees during the weekend. 
  4. Enjoying the warm weather. Most days were about 65-80 degrees, and I was able to sneak in some pool and hot tub time too. The day I left, on Wednesday, it was 55 degrees and raining, which is unusual for Phoenix ... time to get out of Dodge!
  5. Watching movies and binging shows. I got about halfway through Breaking News in Yuba County on the way to Phoenix, but it was such a weird movie that I did not finish it; Allison Janney was pretty good in it, though, and I think it's on Hulu, so I might finish it at some point. We also binged Love is Blind on my iPad when I was there, and the finale episode is out today. I need to watch Mrs. Maisel on Prime too because the first four episodes are now out—I was waiting to watch it with my parents and apparently they didn't know that and watched it without me!—and I'm still watching Inventing Anna, Station Eleven, and now season 2/part 2 of Central Park, on AppleTV+, which will be out in late February (but the press app already has the new episodes out for me). I also finished binging Dollface season two last week, and I still need to catch up on this week's Euphoria.
All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ in Phoenix
All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ in Phoenix

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