The Friday Five, 2/4/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I have been eating well this week, so much so that I had an issue limiting this post to only two pictures. I'm very glad it's Friday, though, as the week has felt long, even though I had a lot of fun stuff going on.

Drinks at Weiss Distilling Co., Clawson
Drinks at Weiss Distilling Co., Clawson

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Going out to eat. Last week, a friend treated me to drinks and dinner for my birthday, and we tried out two new establishments: Weiss Distilling Co. and The Lucky Duck, both in Clawson. Weiss was pretty much all I had imagined it to be: it's a speakeasy, and you enter through an elevator (which doesn't GO anywhere, haha, but still fun). Alcoholic drinks were about $12 each and they also had non-alcoholic drinks for $4-5. We ordered the drinks pictured above, I believe mine was called Science Fiction and had whiskey, vodka, root beer, and coconut milk in it; it was a unique combination and worked well. After that we walked over to The Lucky Duck, a new Asian fusion restaurant, and that was also delicious; my dish recommendations are both of the desserts (one is lighter/fluffier and one is a chocolate dessert), the butternut squash, and the pork belly bao, as well as a lychee martini to go with it.
    On Saturday night, my boyfriend and I got Doordash delivery from Mamaeatz, in Farmington, which was pretty tasty; we had naan-lupas (think an Indian sandwich, but with naan bread) and a few other things. We also got Crumbl delivery, and they had a pretty good lineup last week. M-Wed I stayed home due to the snow.
  2. Chocolate & beer pairing event. Last night, we braved the snow to go to an event at Sherwood Brewing, in Shelby Twp., that I had purchased tickets for, a Sanders chocolate + Sherwood beer pairing. They had us sitting at communal tables, which mid-pandemic I am not crazy about, but we were able to space out a bit. We tried six 5-oz. beers and six chocolate pairings to go with them, and although I'm not really a "beer person," it was definitely interesting. This was my second time at Sherwood and I ordered the pickle pizza and the "Breadtzels" to start, too; the breadtzels are pretzel bread and comes with "beer soup" (kind of a drippy beer cheese) and herbed cream cheese, both of which are amazing and I don't even like cream cheese usually, except in cheesecake. Apparently they do half-off pizzas on Wednesdays too so that is when I will be back next; they also have a Cuban pizza I want to try, but the pickle pizza is delicious.
  3. Influencer event at the old Browndog location, Farmington. Last Saturday I was invited to an influencer event in Farmington, where Lekker Chocolate & Treats (pop-up shop) is currently occupying the old Browndog space. We were treated to food from 10+ merchants—everything from pizza to wings to donuts—and everything was Halal, too. I saw a few influencer friends and also got to meet new people, too, which is always nice. 
  4. Catching up on TV. I'm way behind on my shows ... I have like three episodes of Kenan left, and I also finally started Station Eleven on HBO Max, which I'm really enjoying so far, although it's a bit on the nose (had to do with a deadly flu, and it bounces from present day to 20 years later). I also finished the last And Just Like That yesterday, the Sex and the City (spinoff?), and despite all the negative reviews for it I really enjoyed it; I hope they do a second season. Other than that I have been watching Severance on AppleTV+, which premieres in February, so check back for a review for that, as well as the new season of Servant, also on AppleTV+, which has already premiered—I think there are a few episodes out already. I've also been catching up on B. Positive, Married at First Sight, Euphoria, and a few others. 
  5. Snowstorm, but not really. We were predicted to get anywhere from 8+ inches of snow over two days, to 12-16 inches, and I think based on my back porch we ended up with about 6 inches of snow, most of which showed up Wednesday vs. Thursday. Not bad at all although it made the roads slick, so I have not driven myself anywhere since ... Tuesday, I believe, and that was just for a Kohl's return and Target curbside pickup. I put on my Amazon car cover on Tuesday night and today I'll finally be taking it off, I'm having lunch with friends and also seeing Moonfall later at my local theater.
Chocolate + beer pairing at Sherwood Brewing, Shelby Twp.
Chocolate + beer pairing at Sherwood Brewing, Shelby Twp.

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