The Friday Five, 3/11/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has been a busy week, and this weekend will be busy too, although I'm hoping to relax a little bit as well ... less running around (maybe?) even though I am going to the Detroit Zoo and also Ann Arbor with friends. 

The Whitney, Detroit
The Whitney, Detroit

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling. From Friday through Sunday, my boyfriend and I took a quick weekend trip to Chicago, mostly to see Jim Gaffigan's show at the Chicago Theatre on Saturday night. Originally, I was supposed to have a work trip to Chicago this week but it got canceled—I was going to just extend the trip into the weekend—so I decided to still go. The trip was too short but was still a lot of fun, and I'll detail more of it below. 
  2. Eating out. Some standouts of the Chicago trip were The Purple Pig with a coworker on Friday night (my first time there) as well as Three Dots and a Dash after that, one of my favorite Chicago cocktail bars; Girl and the Goat on Saturday night, another favorite; and of course, lots of Chicago-style deep dish pizza, including Uno's, which we Doordashed to the hotel even though it was only two blocks away, and Lou Malnati's. I think my favorite Chicago-style pizza is probably Giordano's, but since we can get that in Vegas, we opted for something else this time. On Monday night, we Doordashed Princess Mediterranean Cuisine (WB), and on Tuesday night, I had Del Taco takeout with my parents. I also redeemed my free Green Lantern cheesy bread for lunch on Wednesday; for some reason they usually email me a free cheesy bread coupon like every other month. I have those leftovers for lunch today, too.
    Yesterday I also took my boyfriend to The Whitney, in Detroit, as his belated Valentine's Day present, as he had been traveling for work last month and also The Whitney is doing a restaurant week menu this week—$49.99/pp for a three-course meal, which for them is very good pricing. This was my fourth time at The Whitney, the last time being January 2020, and the atmosphere is always amazing. They also offer tours of the building when you are done with your meal. 
  3. Chicago activities. Since we didn't have a lot of time in Chicago besides eating (haha), we had to pick and choose what we wanted to do, so we ended up at the Shedd Aquarium. Be advised that you have to purchase your ticket online ahead of time, and it's timed entry—so our Lyft dropped us off at 1pm, but the 1pm tickets were already sold out, and we had to wait until 2pm. It was like 65 degrees out on Saturday so we took a walk around the Museum Campus there instead, which was nice. We also had the Jim Gaffigan show on Saturday night, and this was my third time seeing him ... he's always hilarious. The first two times were at DTE (aka Pine Knob), a while ago, and at Caesars Windsor in late 2019. His opener comic was really good as well. One of my boyfriend's friends purchased three seats for us and it turned out we had box seats, which was really nice too. 
  4. Donna Summer musical at the Fisher Theatre. On Tuesday, my mom and I went to see "Summer," the Donna Summer musical, at the Fisher, which was a lot of fun. At the end people were dancing in the aisles! It's here at the Fisher until March 20th, and you can find out more information in my blog post here.
  5. Watching TV shows. AppleTV+ will be debuting a new season (technically the second half of season 2) of Central Park starting today, I believe, and I binged that on the press site; the songs in it are so catchy, and it's definitely worth a watch. They will also have Shining Girls in April, and the first three episodes were up on the site so I watched them—I love Elisabeth Moss in pretty much anything, and it's also based on a book, which I just checked out from the library. I need to play catch-up on This is Us, American Auto, The Good Doctor (two episodes, actually), and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel ... but Prime just dropped season 2 of Upload today too. I binged the first season when it first came out (I think in 2020 or 2019?) and it was really, really good, so I'll definitely be watching that too. I've also been keeping up with Single Drunk Female and Grownish, both of which are network (Freeform) shows, but I watch them on Hulu. 
Chicago skyline, Museum Campus

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