The Friday Five, 3/18/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I have not been getting enough sleep this week—hoping to get more sleep this weekend, but I'm staying over at a friend's house tonight, and tomorrow I'm hoping to see a movie, too.

Cocktail at Vinology, Ann Arbor
Cocktail at Vinology, Ann Arbor

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Going to Ann Arbor with friends. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Ann Arbor with some of his friends, and had a pretty fun day—we went to Pinball Pete's, then Quickly for bubble tea (RIP Bubble Island ... it's in the old Bubble space), then Shalimar for dinner. We capped off the night with drinks at Vinology; we stopped by the Black Pearl first but they quoted us an hour wait. Ironically, once we got to Vinology, about 15 minutes later, they texted us and said a table had just opened ... oh well. Vinology has a very nice basement space—in college, a friend of mine had her 21st birthday there, and I used to go for happy hour too, but I had not been for a while.
  2. Eating out. Besides Ann Arbor—on Friday, I went to see my parents and we got Hungry Howie's takeout. My boyfriend and I got 2941 Street Food via Doordash one day, but unfortunately they didn't give us any Samoon chips, and although their sandwiches are delicious, those are my absolute favorite; normally they stuff them in the sandwiches, and I asked for an extra packet on the side, but instead it came with zilch. On Monday, I had a $10 off $15 coupon from B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) so we got takeout for lunch. On Tuesday, we went to Mootz Pizzeria in Detroit again, which was again delicious; and on Thursday, we went to The Butcher's Grille in Dearborn before going to House of Chimney Cakes for a Yelp freebie pick-up event. 
  3. Seeing Waitress at Music Hall. I was super excited for this one—I only have two favorite musicals and Waitress is one of them! This was my 3rd time seeing it—the first time was in January 2019 in NYC, with Sara Bareilles in the lead role (who also wrote the songs for it), and the 2nd time was in Detroit in May 2019 at the Fisher. The woman who plays Jenna (the lead role) in this one was VERY good, and I highly recommend it—it's in town until this Sunday, March 20th. More info here.
  4. Watching movies and TV shows. I finally got to see The Batman at Emagine Novi on Monday, and I'd give it 4.5/5 stars. I'll admit I fell asleep for 15 minutes during the beginning, but I blame Emagine's comfy recliner chairs for that. On Friday, my parents and I watched Turning Red on Disney+, and although it was different than how I was expecting it to be, I still liked it—I'd give it 3.5/5 stars overall. I finished Station Eleven on HBO Max yesterday, and I want to try Life and Beth on Hulu today—the new Amy Schumer show—as well as Minx on HBO Max and The Dropout on Hulu, with Amanda Seyfried. My boyfriend and I have also been binging Upload season 2, on Prime, and we still need to finish Love is Blind: Japan, I think we have like two episodes left. 
  5. Yelp pick-up event. On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I drove to Dearborn—his old stomping grounds, as he used to work there pre-COVID (and technically still does)—to go to House of Chimney Cakes, as Yelp was giving me a free chimney cake with soft-serve. It was a little disappointing because apparently it wasn't entirely a free chimney cake—I received $6 off my order, and a standard (only soft-serve + cake) was $6.95, but the premium ones were $9.95. However, everything was super tasty. I ordered the S'mores chimney cake, which was good but a little too chocolate-y for me, and he ordered the Mexican-American milkshake, which came topped with a stroopwafel. Next time I'd like to try the Tiramisu or Baklava chimney cake. $9.95 is a bit pricey but they are definitely big enough to share.
"Beast of Burden" pizza at Mootz: pepperoni, sausage, "mootzarella," pecorino, shaved Parmesan
"Beast of Burden" pizza at Mootz: pepperoni, sausage, "mootzarella," pecorino, shaved Parmesan

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