The Friday Five, 3/25/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed really long, for some reason, so I'm glad it's Friday, even though I can't sleep in tomorrow (infusion day). I have a Noodle Topia Groupon I'm hoping to use tonight for dining in or takeout, also, and I have a ticket to see The Lost City before that.

Crumbl Cookies, Royal Oak
Top to bottom: Key Lime Pie, Snickers, Triple Chocolate Chip, Iced Oatmeal

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing friends. Last Friday I stayed at a friend's house in Ann Arbor—she, her husband, and myself all COVID-tested beforehand too, with the at-home tests, to be safe, especially since she has a baby. We watched Minx, a new HBO Max show, as well as Dark Water, a new Hulu movie with Ben Affleck, and we also got Frita Batidos takeout. On Monday, my boyfriend and I met up with two friends in Ferndale, since one of them now lives out of the country but is back visiting, and had dinner at Imperial and then walked around downtown. Imperial is one of my favorite Ferndale restaurants (runner-up: Bobcat Bonnie's, specifically its happy hour) so it was a good time. We also tried out Valentine's Distillery, which I had been wanting to go but had never been, which was a nice atmosphere—a lot quieter than Imperial, which is what we were looking for.
  2. Dining out/doing takeout. Like I just mentioned, I had Frita Batidos on Friday night, and Imperial on Monday night. On Saturday, I visited my parents on the way back from Ann Arbor, and I got my $3.14 pizza from Blaze in Novi—if you're an app member, you have this in your account too, and I think it's good until 3/30 or 3/31. They used to do this deal for Pi Day, but *only* on 3/14 ... because of the pandemic, they changed it to an app deal, which makes sense, IMO (to avoid crowds on 3/14). On Sunday, my boyfriend and I stopped by Noodles in Northville, since they had a $5 off $20 deal, too. On Monday, after the Ferndale festivities, we also stopped by the new Crumbl Cookies, in Royal Oak (13/Woodward), and got the four cookies of the week (see above). 
  3. Lots of cooking. My boyfriend had ordered an EveryPlate box for himself, and I had Marley Spoon from last week and Blue Apron from this week ... my Blue Apron box arrived one day late, on Wednesday, but that was okay because I still has one Marley Spoon meal to cook. One of the MS meals had us make Brussels sprouts but with Panko, which was really good, so we copied that for another meal with Brussels sprouts also. 
  4. Watching new movies and TV shows. Last Friday, my friend and I tried out Minx, and I have continued watching it this week; if you like shows about the 1970's, it's a lot of fun, although be aware there is a LOT of nudity as well (it's about a woman who wants to create a magazine similar to Playboy, but for women). I also started The Dropout, on Hulu, which is fabulous; I wasn't super familiar with the Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos story, and it's pretty fascinating. I started and finished Life and Beth, on Hulu, which is the new Amy Schumer show, and I really liked that show as well. 
    As for movies, last Saturday we saw Uncharted at AMC Livonia, which was okay—it's a fun treasure-seeking movie (it reminded me a lot of National Treasure, actually)—but I've heard it doesn't do much for fans of the video game, except for one sly nod near the middle of the movie. I also watched Waitress on DVD, one of my favorite movies, and I saw The Adam Project on Netflix, which was fun. I'd give both that and Uncharted 3.5/5 stars. 
  5. Getting my 4th COVID shot. You read that right—because I'm immunocompromised, three shots is considered a "full series" and my fourth shot of Moderna is my booster. I think I could have had it done in Dec. 2021 or Jan. of this year, but I had COVID at the end of Dec. and received monoclonal antibodies for it, so I was told to wait three months from those. Because I have my infusion tomorrow, and a work trip on Sunday, I went on Wednesday, just in case I had any symptoms; luckily, my only symptoms have been a sore arm, although my boyfriend has had it worse than I have (he went in with me too, for his 3rd Pfizer shot).
  6. Hosting lots of giveaways. Bonus #6 this week: I have a TON of giveaways that I put up here this week, as well as one on my Instagram which ends TONIGHT, so check them out here—there are three contests for Detroit musicals and shows, and one contest for free ice cream, for Metro Detroit residents only.
Takeout from Blaze Pizza, Novi
Takeout from Blaze Pizza, Novi

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