The Friday Five, 3/4/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I'm actually writing this on a Thursday (3/3) because tomorrow I am going to Chicago for a long weekend. We have a lot of stuff planned, including seeing Jim Gaffigan at the Chicago Theater, so it should be pretty fun. 

Bee Sting pizza from Mootz: pepperoni, mozz, basil, hot honey
Bee Sting pizza from Mootz: pepperoni, mozz, basil, hot honey

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing shows. I was fortunate enough to see Oklahoma at the Fox Theatre, last Friday—my first time back at the Fox since Oct. 2019—and STOMP at Music Hall, also in Detroit, on Tuesday. I have never seen the original Oklahoma musical and now I would like to, perhaps the movie which is on Disney+, because this was a modern reimagining of the original and supposedly a bit darker than that one. STOMP is playing at Music Hall until Sunday, March 6th, and it was a fun time; I have seen it before, but a long time ago, probably like 2010 or 2011, at the Fox, but from a balcony seat; I had fantastic seats for this one, on the main floor, so it was fun to see it more up-close.
  2. Watching movies and TV. On Sunday, I went to AMC John R to see Dog, which was cute although also sad in parts. I also watched a screener of Tyson's Run—check back later for a review of that plus a $20 Amazon gift card giveaway. I finished binging Inventing Anna, on Netflix, which was fantastic, and I also watched the first four episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel which are up on Amazon Prime. I still need to finish Station Eleven, on HBO Max, and I also caught up on Euphoria. I downloaded some Station Eleven and The Wonder Years (new version) for the plane ride tomorrow, too; usually when it's that short of a ride (about one hour), it's a smaller Delta plane and does not have a screen on the seatbacks. 
  3. Eating well. Last Friday before Oklahoma, some friends and I tried out Mister Dips, in downtown Detroit. I thought their burger was okay, the waffle fries were good, and the Chocolate + PB cone I had was fabulous (see pic below). Another friend got one of their milkshakes and he said that was good too. On Saturday, I visited my parents and we had Cottage Inn takeout—I really like their thin crust mushroom pizza. On Monday, I stopped by Crumbl in Rochester Hills, and got its "Birthday Cake ft. OREO" cookie, as well as a Hazelnut Sea Salt; the OREO one was amazing, and I'd give it 5/5, but the Hazelnut Sea Salt was like a 3.5/5 from me. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I tried out Mootz Pizzeria in Detroit, before seeing STOMP nearby, and it was really, really good; I definitely will be back, possibly before the next Music Hall performance that I am going to in two weeks (Waitress) as it's an easy walk to Music Hall from there. 
  4. Antibody bloodwork. The reason I stopped by Crumbl on Monday is because the place where I go for COVID-19 antibody bloodwork, LabCorp at Walgreens, is about a mile up the road from there. I'm in a study through UNC for people who have IBD/Crohn's and have had the vaccine, and I am especially curious to see what my antibody numbers are now because I had COVID-19 in December. 
  5. Cooking. I ordered a Dinnerly box for last week, and Blue Apron this week—Blue Apron has been giving me an awesome deal where it's only $9.99 for two meals, aka four portions (normally it's about $60 a box for three meals). Last night I cooked a beef with peapods and rice meal, which was supposed to be spicy, but I only used a light portion of the sambal oelek that they provided, which accounted for how spicy the dish would be or not. Next week I am doing Dinnerly again as well.
Chocolate + PB dip from Mister Dips, Detroit; note the cone guard!
Chocolate + PB dip from Mister Dips, Detroit; note the cone guard!

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