The Friday Five, 4/15/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I'm actually writing this on a Thursday, but if you are reading it on Friday, I will be on my way to Indiana for the weekend with my boyfriend. We're leaving around 9am tomorrow and I'm not bringing my laptop, hence why I'm writing this at home today. 

Half and half pizza at Dewey's Pizza, Cincinnati
Half and half pizza at Dewey's Pizza, Cincinnati

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling. From Saturday through Monday, my boyfriend and I went to Cincinnati—I had won a 2-night stay there last year, from Yelp Cincinnati (long story but it involved virtual drag queen bingo! I was the first winner so I got to choose the best prize), so we had that to use, at the 21c Museum Hotel, which was very nice. He also has two friends who live about a half-hour north of the city, so on Sunday we hung out with them for most of the day. Other highlights of the trip were The Eagle for dinner on Saturday night—see below for a tasty photo, it's a fried chicken place and had great side dishes—and Findlay Market on Sunday morning, which is similar to Eastern Market. This week, I'll be in Indiana from Friday through Monday, as we are going to visit his parents and sister. 
  2. Eating out. Last Friday, I grabbed takeout from Wing Snob, which was good but not what I was craving—I was craving crunchy chicken wings, and although theirs are tasty, their boneless wings aren't really crunchy. On Saturday, we stopped at a Culver's in Findlay, OH, for lunch—I'm a huge fan of their cheese curds, and I also like their mushroom swiss burger. Dinner that night was The Eagle, and for lunch on Sunday we went to a Mexican place near my boyfriend's friends' house; dinner was pizza from Dewey's (see above), which was delicious. On Monday, we left Cincinnati, but we met one of his friends for lunch at Shooters beforehand, which is like a local B-dubs. We also grabbed Crumbl on Tuesday night, because we were in the area, even though I'm trying to cut back on that (sooooo much sugar), and all four flavors were pretty tasty: Lemon Bar, Cookies & Cream, Carrot Cake, and Peanut Butter ft. Muddy Buddies.
  3. Watching TV shows. I started and almost finished The Ultimatum, on Netflix, which was a wild show, haha—it's by Kinetic Content, which also does Married at First Sight and Love is Blind, so if you like those shows, you'd like this one. I also watched This is Us yesterday, which I knew was going to be a sad episode (the end of "Katoby"), but it was also done very well. 
  4. Seeing movies in the theater. Last Friday I saw Everything Everywhere All At Once which was a crazy movie but also really good ... I'd give it 4/5 stars. Michelle Yeoh was great in it so I foresee some award nominations for her, and Jamie Lee Curtis had a fun role in it as well. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I went to Emagine Novi's EMAX (thanks, $4 T-Mobile Tuesday tickets!) to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and unfortunately it was just okay; I'd give it 2.5/5 stars, or maybe 3/5. It was a fun movie but the first one was pretty hilarious, and this one was not as funny, IMO. Next week I grabbed myself a ticket to see The Bad Guys at AMC John R, and I'd like to see the new Michael Bay movie, Ambulance, at some point too. 
  5. Cooking. I had a Marley Spoon box arrive on Tuesday and I think this is the first time I've cooked all three recipes within only two days; one of them was a quicker recipe to cook so I cooked that during my lunch break on Wednesday, and then we also cooked for Tuesday dinner and Wednesday dinner. Next week I am getting a Blue Apron box, but I chose the two meal option rather than three meals (with the discount code they give me, it's $9.99 for a two-meal box or $23.99 for a three-meal box, so the two-meal box is a better deal ... especially because these boxes are normally $60+!).
Side dishes at The Eagle, Cincinnati
Side dishes at The Eagle, Cincinnati

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