The Friday Five, 4/22/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I'm kind of glad that I'm staying put in Michigan this weekend—last weekend I went to Indiana and the weekend before was Cincinnati. No more trips planned for the near future except a 1-night trip to Frankenmuth next month for their beer festival.

Thin-crust veggie pizza from Glover's in Kokomo, IN
Thin-crust veggie pizza from Glover's in Kokomo, IN

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Visiting Indiana. My boyfriend's family lives in Russiaville, Indiana, next to Kokomo, and we visited them from Friday through Monday. His sister lives about an hour away in Indianapolis, too, so she also came up. It was about a 4-hour drive, although somehow we made it into a 5.5- or 6-hour drive going, and did it in four hours coming back. We went out for Mexican food with them on Friday night and also did pizza takeout on Sunday night. The last time I went to Indiana was for the Indianapolis Comic Con in 2018, so it was interesting to see a bit more of the state.
  2. Seeing movies. I watched the new Fantastic Beasts at the theater yesterday and unfortunately I'd only give it 3/5 stars; the special effects were great, as usual, but the story was all over the place, and to top that off, it was a bit slow too. I did like the effects and the ending, though. Today I have a ticket to see The Bad Guys in 3D, which looks really good, and on Monday I'm seeing The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (the new Nick Cage movie) at Emagine Novi with my boyfriend thanks to the $4 T-Mobile Tuesday tickets.
  3. Watching TV shows. Selling Sunset is back on Netflix today so I know what I will be doing during my lunch break, haha (so much drama!). The Flight Attendant is also back on HBO Max, for season two, and I watched the first two episodes yesterday—last season wrapped up pretty nicely so they are going in a different direction this season, which could be interesting. I also finished Shining Girls, on AppleTV+, which comes out April 29th (next Friday), which I highly recommend, especially if you like Elisabeth Moss and/or Jamie Bell. I also would like to keep watching The Courtship, on Peacock, and Pachinko, on AppleTV+, which are the shows my boyfriend and I watch together, as well as Disenchantment on Netflix. 
  4. Seeing The Band's Visit at the Fisher Theatre. The Band's Visit will be at the Fisher until May 1st, and although it's a bit slow, I recommend seeing it. The story was interesting and the music was great. I saw it on Wednesday and had main floor tickets, which was nice; the Fisher just took away its mask and vaxx mandate, too, but surprisingly, like 50% of people still had masks on, including myself, which I was pleased about. 
  5. Cooking. I had a chicken shawarma bowl meal and also a steak with mixed rice meal from Blue Apron this week; the steak itself was delicious, topped with parsley and lemon juice and garlic paste, but the side was just okay. The shawarma bowl was good, though. My next box isn't until Thursday, for Home Chef, but my boyfriend ordered a Blue Apron box that he's going to share with me, as well as Marley Spoon next week.
The Band's Visit, Detroit, Fisher Theatre

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