The Friday Five, 4/8/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

I have not been doing much this week besides working, but this weekend I am going to Cincinnati—I won a 2-night hotel stay like almost a year ago now, from Yelp Cincinnati (while playing virtual drag queen bingo!) and I've never been there before, so I'm excited to check it out. It is supposed to have some great restaurants and cocktail places, and my boyfriend also has two friends who live there.

Crumbl last week: Cookies & Cream, Chocolate/PB, Honeycomb
Crumbl last week: Cookies & Cream, Chocolate/PB, Honeycomb

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Dining out and doing takeout. On Friday, I finally got to try Noori, in Clawson, for takeout, as part of Clawson Restaurant Week. I forgot to tell them I wanted boneless wings, so I received bone-in wings instead, but they were very tasty, and the crunch was great. I also got their soy-garlic dumplings for my side and those were also very good. The CRW deal was $10.99 for both of those plus a soda to go, which was decent considering eight wings there are normally $13.99 (they are large wings). On Friday night, my parents and I got Cottage Inn takeout, and on Saturday, I headed to Ann Arbor to meet two friends for lunch at The Jagged Fork, which was very good. I grabbed a four-pack of Crumbl on the way back too, at Crumbl Novi, but I screwed up my online order: I accidentally selected two Chocolate & Peanut Butter cookies, as you can see above, instead of one of those and one coconut, which was the fourth weekly special. I asked if they could swap a coconut one in instead, once I realized my error, and instead they just gave me a coconut one for free, which was really nice customer service. 
    On Sunday, my boyfriend and I also got Buddy's takeout, which was delicious, although I've come to realize I like simpler toppings from them vs. lots of toppings—we got the "6 Mile" pizza which had green peppers, onions, mushroom, and pepperoni (and ham, but we got it without) and I liked the other pizza we got better, a pepperoni with their tomato basil sauce (which was actually free! If you sign up for the app, you get a free 4-square 1-topping pizza with purchase). 
    I also got Blaze Pizza last night before visiting my parents because I had their $3.14 off deal in the app. 
  2. Cooking. Lots of cooking this week too. Last week both my boyfriend and I ordered Blue Apron—I have a deal currently, as does he, where it's $9.99 for two meals or $23.99 for three meals—and I ordered Home Chef this week. I'm a big fan of Home Chef but they don't usually give me discounts, this time was about $30 for three meals which wasn't bad (as a reference, three meals aka six portions in a meal kit is normally about $60 full price). I have a Marley Spoon box arriving on Tuesday and will have to cook Tuesday/Wednesday, since we are leaving for Indiana next Friday to visit my boyfriend's family. 
  3. Binging TV shows. I started and also finished WeCrashed, on AppleTV+ (thanks to the press app), which was fantastic, and I also finished The Dropout, on Hulu, which was also fantastic. They were both similar shows: fictionalized(-ish) versions of real events, about the WeWork mismanagement of funds and Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos mismanagement. I am also continuing to watch Pachinko (also AppleTV+); Minx, on HBO Max, which I plan on watching today; and my usual shows like This is Us, Black-ish, Mr. Mayor, Abbott Elementary, and Married at First Sight. I also started The Ultimatum, on Netflix, and if you are a fan of shows like Love is Blind, you will love it ... it's kind of a hot mess but I'm interested in seeing how it ends, haha!
  4. Seeing movies in the theater. I think I mentioned that last Thursday I saw Infinite Storm, which I would give 3.5/5 stars. Today I am seeing Everything Everywhere All at Once, which looks really intriguing; Michelle Yeoh, from Crazy Rich Asians, is in it. The runtime is about 2.5 hours though so I hope I enjoy it. Next week I am also going to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2, at Emagine Novi instead of AMC, because T-Mobile Tuesday was doing $4 tickets for this upcoming week (therefore, I get treated to Emagine EMAX—normally $12 for a night movie, and we paid $4 each with the T-Mobile codes!). 
  5. Changing work brands. As of Wednesday, I'm officially off of Food Safety Magazine, and I will be posting news/new products and doing some social media for Candy Industry, which should be interesting. I'm also still on my original brand, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, and I also post news/do social media for The National Provisioner, which is a meat industry magazine. All of these are B2B magazines ("business-to-business") meaning they are industry magazines.
The "6 Mile" pizza, from Buddy's
The "6 Mile" pizza, from Buddy's

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