The Friday Five, 5/20/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

Last weekend was pretty terrible, as one might expect, with my colonoscopy prep, but the rest of the week has overall been fine. I'm heading to Frankenmuth tomorrow for their beer fest and staying overnight in Birch Run, which should be fun. 

Chicken tender slider at Dave's Hot Chicken, Troy
Chicken tender slider at Dave's Hot Chicken, Troy

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Dining out. When not doing liquids-only diet for colonoscopy ... on Friday, my last day of normal foods, my parents and I got Jersey Mike's takeout, and I also treated myself to cake from Tous les Jours, in Troy—I keep hearing about it and I had never been there before, and it's about a 5-minute drive from me.. On Monday, when I could eat again, we got Noodles & Co., and then later my boyfriend and I got Indian Doordash from Aahar Indian Cuisine in Farmington. The food was very good but unfortunately there was no way to specify spice level on DD (and I can't handle spice usually) so everything was a bit spicy for me. 
  2. Dave's Hot Chicken event. I actually received this invite on my work email, which was kind of random, but we don't really cover events on any of my brands, so I went to the new Dave's Hot Chicken in Troy on Wednesday for my own blog/Instagram. It was a "friends and family" (and influencers) soft opening of sorts and everything was free, which was nice, but I had been looking forward to their milkshakes that I saw on their Dearborn menu all day and it turned out they weren't serving them. I tried the #3 combo, which was one tender, one slider, fries, and a soft drink, and it was pretty good; I got one "Mild Lite" tender and one "No Spice" slider, and next time I'd get both "No Spice." My boyfriend got both his tender and slider as "Hot" and said it wasn't super spicy for him, though. The fries were also good, and the sauce they serve with the meal reminds me of Raising Cane's. Next time I would get two tenders and use honey on them, as they have honey packets to use. 
  3. Colonoscopy. The prep was Saturday morning through Monday morning, and was pretty miserable, but the actual procedure went smoothly on Monday afternoon, so that was good. I still have a dull green spot down my hand because it took them three tries to get the IV in, though ... I normally have veins that are hard to find, and you can't have any water the day of the procedure, either, except the prep drinks, so it took them three pokes. I have my every-eight-weeks infusion tomorrow too so I hope they can find the veins easily, I will have to remember to drink more water. 
  4. Watching TV shows. I was able to catch up with This is Us, and wow, what a fantastic (albeit super sad) episode. There's only one episode left before the series ends for good, and I highly recommend the show if you've never seen it—it's one of the best shows on TV right now. I also started and finished Black Bird, on the AppleTV+ press app, but I can't say anything about it till July; all I'll say is that it should definitely be on your radar, and Taron Egerton is in it. The Circle released four more episodes, which I finished yesterday, and I still need to watch the Married at First Sight reunion, probably later today, and The Flight Attendant. Hacks was also good this week. I started and finished Candy, a true crime miniseries on Hulu, which is also worth checking out, and I started The Staircase on HBO Max, another true crime series. The Time Traveler's Wife premiered on HBO Max too and I was a bit shocked by how much I liked it, since I'm a HUGE fan of the movie and wasn't sure I'd like the recasting, even though I'm a big Theo James fan. I also need to catch up on The First Lady, on Showtime, and I Love That For You, also on Showtime.
  5. Planning summer travel. My boyfriend and I are tentatively planning on going to the East Coast at the end of August, to see Boston and also visit my family. I try to go back at least one time a year—95% of my family is there (not including my parents, who live here in Michigan) and it is nice to see everyone. MA/RI also have a lot of touristy things to see, such as Boston, Newport, and other cities. 
Chocolate cloud cake from Tous les Jours, Troy
Chocolate cloud cake from Tous les Jours, Troy

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