The Friday Five, 6/10/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has gone by fast. Today I am seeing The Masked Singer live tour at the Fox with my boyfriend, a friend, and her daughter, which should be fun.

Blue Apron Sheet Pan Mango Chicken
Blue Apron Sheet Pan Mango Chicken

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. Lots of meal kits. On Saturday I went over to my parents' house and cooked a Cheesy Mango Sheet Pan Chicken recipe for them—I think the last time I ordered Blue Apron, they gave me a free box (two recipes) to give out, so I had sent them one. I had Marley Spoon last week and Dinnerly this week, and I will have Dinnerly again next week, too. Last night I cooked a Dinnerly caprese sandwich with zucchini fries, which was good, but could have used some balsamic or fresh basil. I still have one more Dinnerly meal left, some soy pork tenderloins, and I'll probably cook that on Sunday or Monday with my boyfriend. 
  2. Seeing movies. Last Friday I saw Watcher, and I went in with low expectations and it ended up being excellent—I'd give it 4/5 stars. Yesterday, I put my A-List membership to use and saw Jurassic World: Dominion in 3D, which was a lot of fun—and kind of scary in 3D, too, with the dinosaurs coming through the screen! Some critic friends did not like that movie but if you take it for what it is (a fun popcorn movie, versus comparing it to the original Jurassic Park movies) I think you will like it. I also saw the original Ghost in the Shell with my boyfriend this week at his house, via streaming, and that was pretty interesting too; I'm not usually an anime fan but overall I liked it. Next we will watch the Scarlett Johansson one too. I've already booked three more A-List movies for the next three to four weeks, too: Elvis, Lightyear, and the new Minions movie, in 3D. 
  3. Attempting to see Mean Girls ... On Tuesday, my mom and I had press tickets to see the Mean Girls musical, downtown at the Fisher. Unfortunately, they canceled that night's performances due to technically difficulties, and didn't announce it until 7:15pm (the show was scheduled for 8pm), so we literally drove downtown, passed the Fisher, then came back. My tickets have been rescheduled for the 7:30pm Sunday show, though, and I'm excited to see it. More info on the show can be found here
  4. BBQ with friends. Last Saturday, my boyfriend had two friends from Indiana (his home state) staying for the weekend, so I got to meet them, and he had a BBQ at his house so I got to meet some of his other friends as well. He made some ribs in his smoker—it took about six hours, actually—and we also had corn on the cob, fresh guacamole and chips (I picked up some limes and avocado at Target beforehand), and homemade brownies that another friend brought. 
  5. Getting takeout. I actually haven't been to any restaurants in the past week, I think, which is unusual for me. On Tuesday, my parents and I had Jersey Mike's takeout before the (supposed) show, and on Sunday, my boyfriend and I ordered Thai food off of Doordash, I think from a place called Prime Thai, in Waterford. The Thai iced tea and crunchy rolls (fried spring rolls, essentially, but with loose wrappers) were excellent, but my peanut curry didn't have any peanuts in it that I could see ... also, maybe I'm a "gringo" but whenever I get the peanut curry from Sy Thai (Troy/Bham) it comes with a thick, peanut butter-y sauce, which is fantastic ... this curry was supposedly only peanut curry because they added peanuts. It was also a little spicy even though I requested mild, but I'm a wimp when it comes to spice. I'm a harsh critic on Thai iced teas though and theirs was fantastic. 
DoorDash from Prime Thai, Waterford
DoorDash from Prime Thai, Waterford

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