The Friday Five, 6/3/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has been a super busy week for me, maybe due to the long weekend. This upcoming weekend is on track to be busy as well! 

Watermelon + frozen passionfruit margaritas at Honcho, Clarkston
Watermelon + frozen passionfruit margaritas at Honcho, Clarkston

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Seeing movies. I saw Montana Story in the theater last Saturday, which was a good "slice of life" type of movie—I'd give it 4/5 stars—and I saw the new Top Gun: Maverick in EMAX at Emagine Novi on Monday, which I would also give 4/5 stars, although my boyfriend said 5/5. I had actually never seen the original before, so we watched it on Netflix last week, and I think this one is better than the original, especially on a large screen. Tonight there is not much for me to see in theaters because I've never seen Downton Abbey or Bob's Burgers so I am seeing a thriller movie called Watcher—I'm hoping it's more of a thriller than a horror movie, anyways.
  2. Seeing Halsey at Pine Knob. I saw Halsey at DTE (*ahem*—Pine Knob) on Sunday night with a friend, which was fun; we had lawn seats. It was very busy there—busier than I would have liked, with COVID—but at least it was outdoors, and I felt like the lawn was a little safer than the pavilion since you can stretch out a bit. I last saw Halsey at LCA in 2017 or 2018—right when LCA had first opened—and she put on a good show then, as well, but I think she's definitely more popular/has more of a following now. Sunday's show had a lot of pyrotechnics and was pretty cool, and it was fun to return to seeing live music, although last summer I did see Lindsey Stirling at Freedom Hill as well. 
  3. Going out to eat. My parents and I had our usual Hungry Howie's takeout on Saturday night, and on Sunday, my friend Lauren and I tried out Honcho, in Clarkston, before the Halsey show, which was very good; I had been hearing good things about it for a while, too. I still would also like to try Union Woodshop but every time I try to make a reservation it's always full. We also met up with my friend Tracie afterwards, since she lives in the Clarkston/Waterford area, and most places were closed; we ended up at a place called Shorty's, in Waterford. On Monday, my boyfriend and I had Buddy's takeout, since I had a free four-square pizza (with $10+ purchase) which was expiring, and we also tried out Shiro for dinner, in Novi, after Top Gun
  4. Cleaning out my desk at work. Last Friday was definitely a bittersweet day—my work is transitioning most people to be working from home, unless you want to work at the office 3-4 days per week still, and I had asked if I could bring home my monitors and equipment, so they wanted me to transition to WFH. Below is a picture of my cube, although the monitors (two) had already been removed—I have been with the company ten years this August, and I've been in that particular cube since July 2016, when I moved to the editorial department, so it is kind of weird to no longer have it. The good news is that they have "hotel seating" (aka cubes where anyone can sit) if I do need to work in the office now and then, probably like if my power was out or if I was having construction done (like during my flood in 2020). It took me an hour to clean out my cube, I actually have to go back into the office next week though to swap out some equipment that no longer works. 
  5. Cooking, and trying to diet. I had Home Chef this week—a treat because they rarely send me discounts, but they gave me $20 to come back, and also someone used my referral link (thank you, to whomever it was! I didn't recognize the name)—so I got $55 off; I think my total was about $9 for the week, haha. Last week I had Dinnerly and next week I will have Dinnerly as well. I've also returned to the MyFitnessPal app and website to try and lose some weight; I am up about 40 pounds since the beginning of COVID (March 2020), partially because at the beginning of COVID I was pretty sick with my Crohn's, and now it's been stabilized a bit (a good thing). But I would definitely like to start eating healthier and lose some weight. 
My cubicle at work before I emptied it
My cubicle at work before I emptied it

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