The Friday Five, 7/15/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This was a busy week, almost as busy as pre-COVID times, and now I am tired. I'm meeting a friend for lunch today but other than that, I plan on just staying in tonight.

Large pepperoni deep dish pizza from UNOs, Farmington Hills
Large pepperoni deep dish pizza from UNOs, Farmington Hills

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Dining out. Last Friday, one of my boyfriend's friends was visiting (more about that later) and we got UNOs takeout from the new Farmington Hills location, which is actually inside the Delta hotel; what's funny is that I posted a picture of the restaurant interior on Instagram, and a lot of people were like "this is giving me hotel lobby vibes," without knowing it was inside a hotel, haha. The pizza was delicious—we also got pesto bread, which was also tasty, but pricey—and a few days later I actually got an influencer invite to check out the restaurant, so we'll be going back this upcoming Tuesday for that. 
    On Sunday, we had lunch with two friends at Kruse and Muer in the Village of Rochester Hills, before a concert, which is always delicious (especially that bread!), and on Monday, we got Doordash from La Marra, a Mediterranean place in Oak Park, which was very good. On Tuesday we had dinner at Mootz Pizzeria, in Detroit, before a musical. Yesterday we had dinner at Culver's, as well; I love their cheese curds and pretzel bites. 
  2. Baby shower. The reason my boyfriend's friend was in town from Indiana was because two of their Westland friends were having a baby shower, which we attended on Saturday. It was a nice day out and it was partially outdoors, which is a bit safer COVID-wise, which was good. The theme was "Under the Sea" and all of the snacks and decor reflected that, which was cute. 
  3. Concert and musical. On Sunday, I had blogger tickets to see DSO plays the Music of Harry Potter, at Meadow Brook, and we went with two friends (and did Kruse and Muer ahead of time, for a senior dinner at 4:30pm, lol—the concert was at 7pm but with lawn tickets I like to get there by 6pm). On Tuesday, we saw My Fair Lady at the Detroit Opera House; it was okay but very slow (about 3 hours long with a 15-min. long intermission). It will be at the Opera House until July 24th. I'd like to see the movie version with Audrey Hepburn now though, I still have yet to see it. 
  4. Joining Costco. I have a BJ's Wholesale Club membership, so I usually go to the one in Madison Heights. However, for our upcoming East Coast trip, Costco Travel has the best prices on car rentals—right now they are very high, like $700 for 5 days, especially because we want both of us to be on the rental so we can both drive, but Costco had some for $550, which is a big money saver. It made sense, then, to pay the $60 for the year to join. There is one in Commerce Twp. that is pretty close and it's the one my parents usually go to, also, so I had been there before. I'm also going to try out the Madison Heights one at some point to see if their gas lines are really long or not. In November my BJ's membership expires so I will have to decide if I want to renew or not; I really like that they have curbside pickup, though, which Costco does not. 
  5. Watching TV shows. Fboy Island, one of my guilty pleasure shows, is back on HBO Max as of yesterday, with the first three episodes up. On Saturday I didn't have a lot of time before the baby shower but my parents and I watched the newest Only Murders in the Building episode (Hulu), and I finished Surface on the AppleTV+ press app—look for a review of that in late July, when it premieres on AppleTV+. I also need to catch up on Ms. Marvel and Married at First Sight today, as I opted to binge Fboy Island last night instead of watching those.
Mushroom & Swiss Butterburger and cheese curds, from Culver's
Mushroom & Swiss Butterburger and cheese curds, from Culver's

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