The Friday Five, 8/19/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This was another super busy week, but I suppose I should take advantage of the nice summer weather we've been having (no more 90 degrees days for a week or two!) before it starts to get cooler out. 

"Cookie Bomb," from Iceburg Dearborn
"Cookie Bomb," from Iceburg Dearborn

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Hanging out with friends. Two of my UM friends and I try to do a kayaking trip once a summer, but with the pandemic we keep getting foiled: last year we chose a weekend, and the kayak livery was shut down due to COVID, and this year the Huron River apparently had hazardous substances in it. Instead, we decided to do a UM Museum of Art (UMMA) day (see the reel here!), and had lunch at HopCat beforehand. We also visited Pinball Pete's, which is always fun. 
  2. Sonic Lunch with The Accidentals and Ceolsige. I also returned to Ann Arbor yesterday, meeting up with one of those same friends again, because The Accidentals was playing Sonic Lunch, a free outdoor concert in Ann Arbor which I've been to numerous times over the years. I took the day off work and we attended the concert (and unfortunately I got a wicked sunburn) and then had lunch at Blimpy Burger, my favorite A2 restaurant. 
  3. Eating out. Last Friday, I met a Yelp friend at Ocean Prime, for their happy hour; I have only been to OP once, and it was a long time ago for Troy Restaurant Week. Everything was very tasty—a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, as the quality was very good. On Saturday, as I mentioned, I went to HopCat in A2, and on Sunday, my boyfriend and I were going to go to Kruse & Muer before a Meadow Brook concert, but due to the water main line break situation, we chose to have dinner at 2941 Street Food in Bloomfield Hills instead, as they weren't in the affected area. On Monday, I had dinner at Iceburg Dearborn, because I was invited there for my Instagram, and the food was very good; see the reel here.
  4. Seeing The Beach Boys at Meadow Brook. I have seen The Beach Boys maybe 3-4x previously, but my boyfriend never has, so we bought lawn tickets to see them at Meadow Brook this past Sunday. They always put on a good show, and we actually stayed until the end; I think my favorite Beach Boys song is "Good Vibrations," which they played.
  5. Watching TV and movies. My boyfriend and I started A League of their Own, on Prime, and it's pretty good; Google Play was offering a deal on the movie version (from 1992) this week as well, for $6.99, and I had some credits expiring, so I purchased that to rewatch later, even though Prime also has that streaming right now too. Last Friday I went to go see Emily the Criminal, with Aubrey Plaza, at the theater, and that was very good; probably 4/5 from me. Tomorrow I am seeing Fall at the theater, as well. 
"Somerset Roll" with beef carpaccio at Ocean Prime, Troy
"Somerset Roll" with beef carpaccio at Ocean Prime, Troy

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