The Friday Five, 9/30/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

Today was supposed to be my "relax"/"break" week in between trips but instead I ended up being super busy. It's also the last day of September today (where did September go?!) and I'm looking forward to cooler weather, as fall is my favorite season.

Yelp Elite event at Ray's - check out the Franklin Cider Mill donut ice cream!
Yelp Elite event at Ray's - check out the Franklin Cider Mill donut ice cream!

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Two Yelp Elite events. On Wednesday, my boyfriend (also a Yelp Elite) and I went to Ray's Ice Cream near me, in Royal Oak (Coolidge/14 Mile though, so right on the Troy/RO border) and were treated to two flights of ice cream (four small scoops each) PLUS an "intermezzo"—I chose a Black Cherry Vernor's with Ray's vanilla ice cream which was my first time trying the new Vernor's flavor too. Everything was delicious—I have been to Ray's before but not for a while, and they're under new ownership too (see my reel here). Then yesterday, we drove down to Nest, in Detroit (Midtown, right by Bon Bon Bon, conveniently...) to make our own succulents, which was also fun. I got to check out Nest and City Bird, too, which I've never explored before, and of course stopped at BBB too for some bons. 
  2. Wedding in Ohio, and Armstrong Air & Space Museum. On Saturday night, we stayed at a hotel in Wapakoneta, Ohio, because we were attending a wedding in Sidney, Ohio, about 20-minutes away. The wedding was a lot of fun, it was a high school friend of my boyfriend's—I haven't been to a wedding since 2017, I believe, and we have another one coming up next weekend too, in the Indianapolis area. The next day, it turned out our hotel was literally next to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, so we decided to check it out, and it ended up being pretty cool. See my reel here.
  3. Seeing Dear Evan Hansen at the Fisher. On Monday night, we rewatched the movie version, too (second time for me, even though I own it) and then on Tuesday, I had blogger tickets for Dear Evan Hansen, which you can find more about here—it will be at the Fisher until October 9th. We also stopped by Buddy's in Farmington Hills for dinner beforehand, which is always delicious. Although I enjoyed the musical a lot, I liked the movie Evan (Ben Platt) a tiny bit more than the musical Evan—he was also the Evan in the first Broadway rendition of it, so he has a lot of experience playing the character. It's definitely worth checking out while it's at the Fisher, though.
  4. Seeing movies. I saw Don't Worry Darling in the theater last Friday and WOW. It had some plot holes but I did *not* predict the twist at the end (your laugh for the day: I thought maybe they were all in a cult or something, lol ... which is not the case). I'll definitely need to rewatch it at some point when it comes to streaming. I have a ticket to see The Woman King tonight, too, with Viola Davis, which I have been wanting to see, and I may go see Bros on Monday if I have time.
  5. Watching TV shows. I started watching Reboot on Hulu after some friends recommended it and it's pretty good, with a good cast, including Keegan-Michael Key and Judy Greer. I'm continuing to watch The Patient and Abbott Elementary, and we are watching Barry (HBO Max) together also. I caught up on Married at First Sight yesterday too and I'm still a few episodes behind on Industry (HBO Max). 
Six Mile pizza, from Buddy's
Six Mile pizza, from Buddy's

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