The Friday Five, 12/23/22: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has felt both slow and fast. I'm working a half-day today and then I'm off of work until January 3rd, which is nice. We were going to see my parents today for a Christmas lunch of sorts but because of the weather (7 degrees but feels like -15, and not much snow yet but it's supposed to arrive today), we will postpone. We're off to Indiana to see my boyfriend's family either tomorrow or Sunday, though, provided the roads are good.

Banh mi burger from EveryPlate, with carrot fries
Banh mi burger from EveryPlate, with carrot fries

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Watching movies. On Sunday, we saw the new Avatar at Emagine Novi, but in 2D not 3D. It was a pretty good movie but way too long (3 hours 15 minutes) and I'll confess I fell asleep for a good 30-45 minutes in the beginning (damn Emagine Novi comfy recliners!). That being said, I'd still give it 4/5. I'd like to see it in 3D sometime with my AMC membership, if I have time. Last night, we watched the new Pinocchio, from Guillermo del Toro, on Netflix, and that was also 4/5 from me—I liked it a lot more than the new Disney version that came out this year too.
  2. Yelp pick-up events. Last Friday, I went to 24th Cheesecakerie, in Madison Heights, to pick up a free slice of cheesecake, courtesy of Yelp; I chose an OREO cheesecake slice. I saved that to share with my parents the next day. Later that day, my boyfriend, who is also Yelp Elite, and I went to Ray's Ice Cream in Royal Oak to get our free snowman ice cream, also courtesy of Yelp.
  3. Dining out. Last Friday my boyfriend and I went to 2941 Street Food, one of my favorite Mediterranean places, in Royal Oak, before going to Ray's. On Saturday, we went to Founder's in Detroit for dinner, before a concert at the Masonic (see more below about that), and there was an hour-long wait but luckily we had time. On Sunday, we went to Texas Roadhouse in Novi for lunch—I like TXR a lot but still prefer Outback, but TXR does some great deals, like a free appetizer when you sign up for its e-club—and Siam Spicy in Novi for dinner, which is one of the best Thai places in the metro Detroit area, IMO. On Wednesday, we cooked burgers for dinner, but also ordered cheese curds from Sidecar Slider Bar, via Doordash—Culver's cheese curds are my preference, but Doordash doesn't have a lot of places that has them, and Sidecar's are pretty good. And last night, we ordered pizza via Domino's delivery for dinner. 
  4. Straight No Chaser concert, at the Masonic Temple. This is a fun story—I had heard of Straight No Chaser before but never seen them in concert (they are an a capella group, similar to Pentatonix, which I HAVE seen), and one of their singers, Seggie, and I, struck up a conversation on Twitter, which culminated with him inviting me to their concert. It was at the Masonic, which is not my favorite venue because you have to wait outside to get in (especially during the winter...) but the venue itself is really nice, and the concert was a lot of fun too. 
  5. Sleep study. I did an at-home sleep study a month or two ago, and it showed I have mild sleep apnea; however, I snore and also appear to stop breathing while I sleep. The doctor I went to said with my mild diagnosis, there wasn't much we could do, but we could do an in-clinic study to make sure the at-home study was correct. So on Wednesday night, I arrived at the Beaumont sleep clinic in Southfield at 8:30pm for my study. I got strapped in with wires (there's a selfie I took but I am not posting it here, I look like Medical Barbie in it, LOL ...), and went to bed around 10pm, waking up at 5:15am when the study was over, and then driving the 15 minutes or so back to my condo to shower and try to nap for a few more hours before work. I should have the results in 7-10 days, but it might take longer due to the holidays, and I have a follow-up appointment scheduled for February, as well. 
KBS Chocolate Cherry, and Rubaeus Nitro, from Founders Detroit
KBS Chocolate Cherry and Rubaeus Nitro, from Founders Detroit

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