The Friday Five, 2/10/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

As you might expect, I didn't do much this week. The good news is, I've started testing negative for COVID; I finished the Paxlovid on Monday, and on both Monday and Tuesday mornings, I was testing negative. The bad news is, I still have cold-like symptoms, mostly a stuffy nose. This upcoming Monday, I will test again to make sure I did not experience a Paxlovid "rebound." I have blogger tickets to Duel in the D this weekend and I will still go, albeit with a KN95 mask on, though.

Making dill pickle soup
Making dill pickle soup

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Still working. The caveat here being, I've been sleeping in till 8:30am and starting work a little later, since I've still been sick. I did do a half-day on Friday but otherwise, other than being really tired and stuffed up, I have still been able to work. On Friday, I was super, super tired for some reason, so I finally "called it" and did a few hours of work and then napped. 
  2. Cooking. I had a Marley Spoon box arrive at my house this week - it was supposed to go to my boyfriend's house because we cook together, and it had already been processed online, but thankfully I was able to call them and reroute to my house, as we were quarantining separately. Marley is one of my favorites but is usually pricey; this week I think I paid $16 for three meals which is very reasonable (three two-portion meals), generally it's $60+. 
    I also was craving dill pickle soup—I was supposed to meet up with a friend for Polish food last night but she preemptively canceled since I was getting over COVID—and none of the restaurants around here deliver, unless you order $50+ as a minimum. So I decided to make my own, which is an endeavor I had been wanting to undertake for a while. I used this recipe and it came out pretty well; I still have some in my fridge which I need to eat but otherwise I froze the rest.
  3. Watching TV shows and movies. I watched Lyle, Lyle Crocodile which was okay, and Tar, the one with Cate Blanchett; she was very good in it but it was a little slow for me, I'd probably give it 3.5-3.75 out of 5. Tar is now streaming on Peacock in case anyone wants to watch it—it has been getting a lot of awards attention.
    I also started The Watchful Eye on Hulu; Not Dead Yet (ABC/Hulu), with Gina Rodriguez and Lauren Ash; and Lockwood & Co. on Netflix. You is back on Netflix as of yesterday, too, but only with a half-season up (five episodes). I also finished Shrinking on the AppleTV+ press app, and what was up of Servant (seven episodes; I believe there will be five total). 
  4. Playing with the Nintendo Switch. My boyfriend surprised me and bought me a Nintendo Switch plus the Mario Kart 8 game—as a kid, I used to LOVE Mario Kart, and he really enjoys gaming, so we were able to play it together on Wednesday night. We also have a "date" to play it tonight, too, although I am hoping to go out to the movie theater (with a mask on) and see 80 for Brady tonight as well. A lot of my friends also have a Switch so I was able to add them via the "friend code" area on it, and that means we can play games together online.
  5. Target curbside pickup. I did this twice and it got me out of the house both times, which was nice. The first time I picked up stuff I could use for my house—the Paxlovid had a pretty bad aftertaste so I got some diet root beer and some chocolate almond milk—and the second time was random stuff like dried dill (I used most of mine in the dill pickle soup) and the Mario Kart 8 game, which my boyfriend insisted was for his sister (nice try, haha). 
Beef ravioli "en brodo" (en broth) from Marley Spoon and salad
Beef ravioli "en brodo" (en broth) and honey mustard salad from Marley Spoon

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