The Friday Five, 2/24/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week was much better than last week, probably because I was in Destin, FL (technically, Miramar Beach) from Sunday through Thursday for a work trip. It was about 68 to 73 degrees daily, and I was able to squeeze in some beach time Sunday and Wednesday, as well.

Hilton Sandestin, probably one of the best views from a room I've ever had
Hilton Sandestin, probably one of the best views from a room I've ever had

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Attending ECRM in Destin, FL. ECRM is a conference that connected buyers and brands, for the most part. They have a few every year, and this one was the Christmas and Halloween edition (for Halloween/Christmas 2023), so I got to check out new products that will be hitting stores later this year. 
  2. Staying at the Hilton Sandestin. This was a beautiful resort, and my room had a full beach view, which was fabulous—some of the others had a partial beach view (most of my meetings were in other hotel rooms, which had been reset for meetings—i.e., beds were taken out, and there were tables or desks involved). The only issue is that you really need a car—to get "off campus" so to speak (and it was definitely a "campus"; you had to go through two security checkpoints to get in), I had to Uber or Lyft. 
  3. Having some good food. Breakfast and lunch was provided by the conference, but on Monday, they took us all out to Tuscany Italian Bistro, which was tasty—I think my favorite things were the chicken marsala, and the tiramisu and cannoli for dessert. On Sunday, I ordered Thai food from DoorDash, and I got some mango sticky rice, which was awesome—it's hard to find in the Detroit area, and when you do find it, it's usually not good, except for Detroit Shipping Company's. Only issue was that they forgot to give me cutlery, which was a problem, since my hotel room didn't have any. On Tuesday I had tacos via DoorDash for dinner and on Wednesday night I took myself out to Emeril's Coastal, for a steak and a drink. 
  4. Seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania again. Kinda. Turns out there was an AMC theater next to Emeril's, so I grabbed myself a ticket on A-List and saw about 3/4 of this movie, since I accidentally slept through it the first time I saw it, last weekend. I left after the parts that I missed, but it turns out I missed a LOT of backstory on the villain, so I'd now give this movie 3/5 (I was waffling between 2.75-3.5 earlier). Still a fun movie though, I'd just recommend waiting for Disney+. 
  5. A long day of travel. There are *no* nonstop flights to Destin from Detroit, and your choices are basically Delta, via Atlanta airport, or Southwest, via Nashville; I took SWA because it was a lot cheaper. On the way there, I had a 2.5-hour layover, so I checked out the Minute Suites (a benefit of my 10 Priority Pass visits I get through a new credit card), and was able to take a 45-minute nap, which was awesome, since I had been up since 4am that day. On the way back, I didn't have time for that, but I did get some good BBQ. Yesterday I left the hotel at 1:30pm EST (12:30pm CST; Destin is on CST which is odd, most of Florida is EST) and didn't get home until about 10:45pm, so it was a rather long day.
Rum tiki drink from Emeril's Coastal restaurant
Rum tiki drink from Emeril's Coastal restaurant

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