The Friday Five, 3/17/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has been busy but fun, with the caveat that I don't think I've stayed home any day this week (other than when I'm working, of course). Tonight I was going to see Shazam in theaters but then got an influencer invite to an Indian buffet in Troy, so I'll be doing that instead—I love Indian food.

Fried chicken at The Eagle, Cincinnati
Fried chicken at The Eagle, Cincinnati

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Going to Cincinnati for the weekend. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I drove the 4 hours (about 4.5-5 with a stop for lunch at Culver's) to Cincinnati—the main reason being that a friend was doing a belated 40th birthday dinner at The Eagle, which we went to last year too and it has fabulous fried chicken, and the secondary reason being that we were visiting his friends who live about 40 minutes north of the city (and whom we stayed with, this trip; last April I had won a 2-night hotel stay so we stayed right in the city). Other than parking being a little stressful in downtown on Saturday night, due to a big soccer game, the trip was a lot of fun. 
  2. Going to Jungle Jim's. This was my second time there, but my first time at this location, which is not the original—but it's about the same size as the original, I believe. The best way to describe Jungle Jim's is Costco meets EPCOT—it has a *ton* of food, drinks, spices, etc., from all over the world. I had a small haul this time; I bought a few cheeses, some Kit Kats I hadn't seen before, and a few beers and ciders, but they have a GIGANTIC alcohol section, and the store itself is a hoot in general. They even do beer and wine tastings and you can purchase beer and walk around with it, too. Their cheese section was also huge and it was hard to limit myself to a few Swiss cheeses and one cheddar, to take home. 
  3. Watching the Oscars. I didn't think I'd have time to do this Sunday night, since the four of us (myself, my boyfriend, and his two friends) would be hanging out, but I was able to watch most of it. Some great wins, and Everything Everywhere All at Once really cleaned up, deservedly—probably the weirdest movie I watched last year but definitely memorable. 
  4. Watching movies and TV shows. Last night I went to see Champions at the theater, and I'd give it 3.5/5 stars—it's probably more deserving of 4/5, but it was a bit slow for me. The cast, including special needs stars, were all great, though. I've been still watching The Big Door Prize on AppleTV+, on my screener app, and I highly recommend it—check it out when it premieres on March 29, as the premise is quite unique. I'm now a Ted Lasso convert, as well; the first time I tried to watch it, a few years ago when season 1 came out, for some reason I was not a fan, but now I am really liking it, and I'm about 75% done with season 1. Season 3 just came out this week so hopefully I can catch up and then start watching that. Yesterday I watched Married at First Sight, Not Dead Yet, and Abbott Elementary, as well, and I believe new episodes of Daisy Jones and the Six are out today, so I'll be watching that as well. 
  5. Going out to eat. The Eagle was our Friday night dinner, and this was my second time there and it was fabulous. The hot gossip is that apparently they are opening a Detroit location, right next to Bakersfield (near LCA, downtown), and it should be open by the end of the summer; I didn't know they own Bakersfield, as well. Even better, The Eagle was on the InKind app—both my boyfriend and I have credit on that, as our Hilton credit cards were offering a "spend $50, get $50 offer" (aka a free $50), and he had $75 on his app, since I "referred" him the app, so dinner was $75 off, essentially. 
    On Sunday, we went to a Mexican place for lunch, with his friends, which was good, and then on Sunday night we went to an AYCE Korean BBQ place; I had no idea they had AYCE there, which was exciting since Metro Detroit doesn't have any AYCE places (except KPot, which *just* opened up in Fountain Walk in Novi, and which is on my list to try). Everything was good although it was a bit Americanized, IMO—no banchan (side dishes) although you could order veggies for the grill, and they had a small list of appetizers you could also order, like gyoza, edamame, and spring rolls. On Monday, one of his friends had to work but the other accompanied us to Shooters, which is a sports bar that has pretty tasty cheese curds and wings.
Jungle Jim's, the second location (not the OG), in Cincinnati
Jungle Jim's, the second location (not the OG), in Cincinnati

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