The Friday Five, 3/3/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has felt LONG—it didn't help that I fell on my butt in the hotel bathroom when in Florida, and I haven't been able to walk well *or* lay down *or* sit this week. Very glad it's Friday so that maybe I can get some sleep this weekend, however we are getting 3-5 inches of snow (or is it 6-8? I've lost track ...) today so I won't be going anywhere tonight.

Green Chef Thai chicken curry, very tasty
Green Chef Thai chicken curry, very tasty

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Watching movies and TV shows. Last night I finally got to see Magic Mike's Last Dance, at the theater—I was the only person there, for their only showing that day (5:50pm, thankfully working well for me) and I'll admit to being on my phone/on the internet for a good chunk of it, but overall I really liked it. I'd probably give it 3.5/5 or 4/5 stars. There's a lot of TV shows debuting this week that I want to check out—Daisy Jones and the Six premiered today on Prime, and it's the ONLY Taylor Jenkins Reid book that I truly disliked and did not finish (however, I love all her other books). I always said I thought it would be great as a TV show or movie, though, so I will check it out. I've been binging Perfect Match on Netflix; it's kind of a dumb show but it has alums from all of Netflix's other shows in it (The Mole, Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, Love is Blind, etc.), most of which I've seen, so I continue to watch it. Sex/Life is also back on Netflix so I'll be checking that out. Yesterday I watched some Friends episodes (a rewatch for me, I'm on season 9), Not Dead Yet, and Abbott Elementary, as well. 
  2. Getting takeout and eating out. Last Saturday after my infusion I got takeout from Olga's Kitchen, because I was craving their Snackers (fried pita bread with a Swiss cheese ball); if you haven't yet, sign up for their e-club and you'll get a free appetizer, so my Snackers were free. On Saturday night I picked up Pink Garlic takeout (always delicious; Indian restaurant in Oak Park, near Berkley) and brought it to my boyfriend's house. On Sunday, we went to Culver's for lunch, as well. 
  3. Missing the SAG Awards, apparently? I had no idea the SAG Awards were on last Sunday until I started seeing some tweets in my timeline about them. They used to air on TBS/TNT simultaneously but the ONLY place to watch it this year was on Netflix's *YouTube page* ... yes, you read that right. I had it on for a few minutes (enough to see Abbott Elementary's and Everything Everywhere All at Once's wins) but that was about it. Apparently next year they will air live on Netflix, but Netflix didn't have the full rights to it this year, or something. Weird. 
  4. Random power outages. On Monday, my boyfriend's power started flipping on and off randomly, about every ten minutes, and it didn't stop until 5pm, which was frustrating. On Wednesday, my neighbor texted me to say the power was out at my condo, around 10am, so at 4:30pm I left my boyfriend's house to try and salvage some freezer items; by the time I got there, at 5pm, the power was back on. I know DTE is still trying to repair power outages from LAST week, but they texted me TODAY that they are "still working on trying to provide an estimate," which is ridiculous ... Comcast/Xfinity was actually better, they texted me saying they realize my power is out, and the internet should be back on soon, and later they texted saying it was restored at 4:08pm that Wednesday. 
  5. Cooking. I had Green Chef this last week, which was a nice treat—they are usually really expensive, maybe $80 per box, but I got this box for $32, and then one of my credit cards was offering 15% back from them, as well, so it was really like $28. This week I got Dinnerly and I will be receiving Dinnerly again next week—they're doing a big sale and I think it was like three meals for $10.50 or four meals for $12.50. 
The candy haul from my work conference last week!
The candy haul from my work conference last week!

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