TV Review: The Last Thing He Told Me, on AppleTV+

TV Review: The Last Thing He Told Me, on AppleTV+
Courtesy of: AppleTV+

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Garner—and have been ever since Alias, or perhaps even before then—so I was excited to see she was coming back to the "small screen" with The Last Thing He Told Me, on AppleTV+, which will debut this Friday, April 14. Garner is also one of the producers on the show.

The rest of the cast is not too shabby either: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones), Angourie Rice (Mare of Easttown), Aisha Tyler (Criminal Minds), David Morse, and even Garner's Alias co-star, Victor Garber, in a smaller supporting role.

The show is based on a novel of the same name, by Laura Dave, which I'm now interested in reading.

TV Review: The Last Thing He Told Me, on AppleTV+
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jennifer Garner, in The Last Thing He Told Me. Courtesy of: AppleTV+

About the show:
The story follows Hannah (Jennifer Garner) whose husband mysteriously vanishes overnight, leaving only a note. Left to navigate the aftermath of this strange incident, Hannah begins to forge a relationship with Owen’s daughter and her 16-year-old stepdaughter, Bailey (Angourie Rice). As expected, Bailey doesn’t like Hannah much, which makes things more difficult and complicated for Hannah. But somehow, they agree on their common goal—finding Owen. And the closer they try to get to the truth, the more the plot thickens with more questions than answers.

I really enjoyed this show, and I binged it on the AppleTV+ press app—so if you don't think you can wait for a weekly installment, perhaps you may want to wait until May 19, when the last episode airs, to binge it as well. Garner is excellent in it and so is Coster-Waldau, whom we see mostly in flashbacks, and Rice as his daughter (Garner's step-daughter). 

TV Review: The Last Thing He Told Me, on AppleTV+
Angourie Rice and Jennifer Garner. Courtesy of: AppleTV+

I also haven't seen David Morse in a while—I enjoyed him in the TV show Hack, which aired from 2002-04, and which I used to watch with my parents—and he does very well in his role here, too.

My only complaint is that I wish the show had more episodes—it will have seven episodes total, with the first two episodes being released on April 14th, followed by one new episode per week, every Friday (however, if you can tell a story in a shorter amount of time—I'm sure most audiences appreciate it). This show seemed more like a movie to me, which I think is another reason why I enjoyed it so much, and most episodes were 35-40 minutes long. 

TV Review: The Last Thing He Told Me, on AppleTV+
Aisha Tyler. Courtesy of: AppleTV+

I'd give this show 4.5/5 stars, and highly recommend it, especially for fans of thrillers or if you're a fan of any of the cast. I plan on reading the book next, although the plot is supposed to be very similar to the TV show.

Are you a fan of Jennifer Garner or the rest of the cast? If so, what's your favorite Jennifer Garner TV show or movie?

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