The Friday Five, 5/19/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

I am pretty tired today—around 5:50am, my CPAP machine dropped onto the floor from my dresser (it's stacked on top of an old clock radio I use, so that's probably why), and woke me up, since the "breathing tube" is attached to that. I tried wearing it after that, but with no luck. I am probably going to discontinue using it next month, since it's caused me more stress then assistance, as of yet—I have mild sleep apnea and that is why, because from what I've read online people with mild apnea have the hardest time with it. 

Margherita pizza at Crispelli's, West Bloomfield
Margherita pizza at Crispelli's, West Bloomfield

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Working out. You don't see that often on here, do you? Haha. On Monday, I did elliptical and treadmill at my new gym—when I used to work out at LA Fitness, in Troy, if I wasn't doing zumba classes (95% of the time), I would be doing the elliptical, and I'd manage to do 20-30 minutes on it. A few weeks ago I could only do 5 minutes, and on Monday I did 13 (progress, but slowly) and then 20 minutes on the treadmill. On Wednesday, a friend got a guest pass to the gym, too, and swam with me, and then we went out for dinner after. 
  2. Going out to eat. On Friday, my boyfriend and I headed to the Melting Pot, in Troy, because I had won free cheese fondue from them, and we also got some chocolate fondue; all of their fondue is always tasty there. On Saturday, we met a friend and her son for Madagascar the Musical, at the Fox, and we had Frita Batidas for an early dinner after. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, finally, at Emagine Novi, and went to Texas Roadhouse beforehand, and on Wednesday night, I had Crispelli's for dinner, from the West Bloomfield location, with my friend who swam with me. 
  3. Seeing movies. I saw Guardians on Tuesday night and liked it a lot—I'd probably give it 4/5, maybe even 4.5/5 because the music is always so fantastic in it. I believe this is the last Guardians, at least with this cast, but if you stay through the mid-credit scene and the end, it says something like "Starlord will return," so my guess is they will bring Chris Pratt back in some form. Tonight I am seeing Fast X at my local theater; I have heard mixed reviews, but I usually like the Fast & the Furious series, so we'll see. 
  4. Seeing Madagascar the Musical, at the Fox. This was honestly geared more towards kids than adults, but I love the Madagascar movies, so I went with my boyfriend, a friend, and her son, who I believe is five or six years old. The son really enjoyed it, I think, and the adults all thought it was okay. 
  5. Binging some TV. XO, Kitty, the TV sequel to To All the Boys I've Loved Before books/movies, came out yesterday on Netflix, with ten half-hour episodes, and I've already watched six of them. It's a nice fluff show to watch, and I've been enjoying it so far. I also started watching The Great season three, on Netflix, and I finished up Queen Charlotte, the Bridgerton prequel, also on Netflix, which was great. I finished up Indian Matchmaking (Netflix) too, and watched my usuals yesterday like Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies (Paramount+) and Love and Death (HBO Max). A new season of Selling Sunset comes out today so that will probably be my next binge—perhaps I will download some for the plane on Monday. Which brings me to:
  6. Packing for two different trips. Guess this will be the Friday Six this week, oops. Yesterday I packed for both the Frankenmuth, MI beer festival—I'm going this Saturday and staying over one night in Birch Run, I went last year and it was a good time—and my Chicago trip for work, where I'll be attending a candy and snacks expo. The Chicago trip is for two nights. I think the last time I went to Chicago was last March with my boyfriend, and it's one of my favorite cities, although I won't have time to do much outside the conference; on Monday I'm hoping to maybe get some deep-dish pizza, but Monday night I have two parties to attend, and then Tuesday + Wednesday I'm at the conference, and I fly home Wednesday around 5pm. 
Texas Roadhouse NY Strip steak and loaded sweet potato
Texas Roadhouse NY Strip steak and loaded sweet potato

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