The Friday Five, 6/16/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

This was a hell of a week, and I'm definitely feeling it today—my flight home from Milwaukee yesterday was supposed to leave MKE at 6:30pm (CT) and arrive back at DTW at 8:30pm (ET), but instead it left around 8:30 and got here at 10:30, due to issues with the (weather? plane itself?), which started in Detroit.

Oh, and I also saw a small little concert at Ford Field on Saturday. :) 

Taylor Swift at Ford Field
Taylor Swift at Ford Field

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Taylor Swift concert at Ford Field. I bought tickets for a friend and I for this way back in November of last year, and we were extremely lucky to even get tickets - you had to apply for a presale code, my friend ended up receiving one but I did not, and hers was for Friday night. A FRIEND of a friend got one for Saturday night and graciously shared it with me, and I think at one point I had two browser windows open, one for Friday and one for Saturday, and I was prepared to buy whatever came up first, haha. We ended up with Saturday, in the 200-level—good seats in that we could see everything, not nosebleed but not super close either—for about $260 each, all-in with Ticketmaster fees.
    Was it worth $200? Maybe—but she puts on a fabulous show. Taylor Swift is also one of my favorite artists, and when she last performed here, in 2018, I had major FOMO that I didn't get to go, and I was very glad to FINALLY see her in concert.
  2. Traveling to Milwaukee for work. Super quick trip, Wednesday through yesterday, for a work conference—the conference is actually Monday through Friday this week, but I only attended two days of it. On Wednesday I got to attend an expo (like Sweets & Snacks Expo but smaller) and a few education sessions, plus an awards dinner. Yesterday, we toured three different chocolate facilities/plants, which was a long day, but interesting. Unfortunately my flight ended up being delayed about 1.5 hours, which means I got in super late last night (around 11:45pm) and today I have to work, and am tired. 
  3. Eating out. On Friday, I got Doordash delivery from my favorite Indian place in this area, Pink Garlic, in Oak Park. On Saturday, before Taylor Swift, we headed to Imperial in Ferndale, one of my favorites, and I hadn't been there for a while. Yesterday in Milwaukee, we had lunch at a brewery, called Riverfront Brewery, in their River North area, and on Wednesday for a quick lunch, I went to the 3rd Street Food Hall in Milwaukee, which was pretty cool—they had maybe 10-15 stalls all with different foods/cuisines, and I had an arepa and an empanada from the Anytime Arepas stall. I feel like you can find empanadas in Michigan but it's hard to find arepas here. 
  4. Seeing movies. Last Friday I saw the new Transformers, in 3D, and the 3D was pretty cool; in my video review, I gave it 4/5 stars. I have a ticket to see Elemental today, also in 3D, but if I'm tired still, I may skip it and see it next week—I was going to see The Flash, but I heard it's not great, and at 2 hours and 20 minutes runtime, I will stream it instead. There's also a new Jennifer Lawrence movie coming out next week that I plan on seeing. 
  5. Cooking. We had Marley Spoon this week, and I have "summer squash pasta" leftovers for today to eat from it, actually. Next week is Dinnerly, which should also be good.
At the Milwaukee airport
At the Milwaukee airport

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