The Friday Five, 6/30/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

This month went by fast, but this week went by SLOWLY, so I'm glad it's Friday. I'm hoping it'll be a lighter day—I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off for the holiday, and I can't remember the last time I had a four-day weekend, so that will be nice. Hoping to see the new Indiana Jones movie on Tuesday, too.

Cate & Chloe 14k white gold earrings
NOT sponsored - these were $36.95 normally, I paid $16.95

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Shopping online. I was scrolling through Facebook last week and I came across the earrings you see in the picture above—it was a deal from a page I think was called Hip2Save, and they were 14 karat white gold earrings for $16.95, instead of $39.95, so I bought a pair. I LOVE earrings, especially vintage-looking ones, and these ended up being super nice. Here's the (non-affiliate) link, if you are interested, they're back up to $39.99 though; they are available in rose gold, white gold, and regular gold. 
    I also bought a few other random things that should be arriving today and Monday—CVS has been giving me $4 off recently, so I look for cheaper snacks or things I can buy, this time it was these chocolate-covered fruit to try out (affiliate link).
  2. Watching movies and TV shows. I saw No Hard Feelings at the theater last Friday, and I'd give it like 3.5 out of 4 stars—I feel like it's been a while since I've seen Jennifer Lawrence in a movie. It reminded me of Licorice Pizza in a way, since it focuses on a relationship between a 19-year-old boy and a 30 (32?)-year-old woman, which is a huge age difference (in LP, it was like 15 and 25 though). I also started Glamorous, on Netflix, and am really loving it—I reminds me of Ugly Betty and also The Bold Type, also the boss in this one, played by Kim Cattrall, is much nicer than the bosses in those shows—and I have one episode left. I'm still watching The Crowded Room and Drops of God, both on AppleTV+. Press access seems to be more limited these days so unfortunately I'm just watching it on regular AppleTV+. I also caught up with Married at First Sight and my boyfriend and I have been watching Hotel Del Luna on Netflix, a K-drama. And I watched the newest And Just Like That episode yesterday as well (the new Sex and the City series, with the original SATC being one of my favorite shows). 
  3. Going out to eat and getting takeout. On Friday, my boyfriend and I got Sidecar Slider Bar delivery from Doordash, I believe, which is always tasty. On Saturday, we had Culver's for dinner, and on Monday, a friend and I went to La Marsa, in West Bloomfield (although they have a few locations) after the gym. Their bread is really, really good, and it's definitely tastier fresh "from the source" versus delivery, which I've done from them a few times. Yesterday, my parents and I went to Maggiano's, in Troy, to celebrate his birthday, which technically is tomorrow. 
  4. Cooking. We had Dinnerly last week and Marley Spoon this week, and we still have one more MS recipe to cook, probably tomorrow. We also have another MS box arriving Monday. I've been lucky with the MS discounts, normally they are like $70-80 per week and I've been paying $18-20 per week.
  5. Attending a dog's birthday party. On Sunday, a friend hosted a birthday party for her dog, who was turning two. It was nice to see her and her family, as I hadn't seen them in a while. She is an excellent hostess and we had grilled chicken, fruit (like watermelon), Jello and pudding shots, cupcakes, and more for lunch. 
  6. Forgot to include ... Walled Lake fireworks. Walled Lake, where my parents live, always put on a fabulous fireworks show, and this year it was last Saturday, so my boyfriend and I met up with them to see the show. It's usually about 25-30 minutes long, too, and they do a great job with it.
Walled Lake fireworks
Walled Lake fireworks

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