The Friday Five, 6/9/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

Weirdly, this week went by faster than last week, even though last week was a four-day work week for me. This weekend should be fun: I'm seeing the new Transformers in 3D tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to Ford Field for the Taylor Swift concert! I was extremely lucky—a friend of a friend had a presale code for Saturday, otherwise we would have been going today, with another friend's code (and I myself received ZERO codes!). 

Marley Spoon One-Pot Chicken & Rice Pulao
Marley Spoon One-Pot Chicken & Rice Pulao

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Weekend trip to Indiana. My boyfriend and I went to the Kokomo, Indiana area, where his family lives, to celebrate his May birthday and also his mom's—sometimes we take a Friday off and go, this time we left around 6pm after work so we arrived around 11pm (it's about a 4h15m drive, but 5 hours with stops). We came back on Sunday and arrived back in the Detroit area around 7pm. 
  2. Cooking. I had Marley Spoon this week and was planning on cooking Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday; however, DoorDash had a crazy good Jersey Mike's deal going on this past Wednesday (spend $12+, get $25 back—yes, you read that right, it includes fees and such)—so we ended up cooking just Tuesday, although Monday we also made steaks and stuffed mushrooms. Last night I cooked a "Fast Thai steak salad" from Marley Spoon as well, which was good but oddly a little spicy for me (it had a few different spices in it). 
  3. Watching TV shows. I binged the new Never Have I Ever yesterday, on Netflix, and I also started American Born Chinese, on Disney+, which I've been enjoying so far—with Disney+, a lot of the shows are (obviously) geared more towards kids, but this one seems to be geared for older kids/adults, so I am liking it. I'm also still slogging through The Great, on Hulu—"slogging" is kind of a mean word, I guess, since it's a good show, but the episodes are all around 40-50 minutes, so it's taking me a while. I also caught up on Married at First Sight this week and Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, on Comedy Central, which is always an insane show, haha ... I enjoy Awkwafina's work usually, though. I also finished The Ultimatum: Queer Love, on Netflix, and started season two of Cruel Summer, on Hulu, which should be great—I really liked the first season.
  4. Working out. My gym's pool was closed this week for cleaning so I did 5 minutes of elliptical (I always feel like dying after ... I used to be able to do 20-30 minutes of elliptical pre-2020, when I had a LA Fitness membership ...) and 30 minutes of treadmill. On Tuesday, a friend went with me and I did 30 minutes of treadmill and stretching ... and then we went for ice cream after, haha. Maybe not the most productive but there's a place across the street that serves Guernsey ice cream and is really good.
  5. Returned my CPAP. I tried. I really did. And I kind of feel like I failed, although as a friend said, "it's not you." I started my CPAP "journey" in early February; it took a while to get used to wearing a mask, and some nights I still couldn't tolerate it. About six weeks ago, I did a second sleep study, this time a titration one, so they could figure out my ideal pressure for the mask; I tried it for six weeks with that, and still was not sleeping better. I have mild sleep apnea and from what I've read, with mild apnea the CPAP treatment sometimes doesn't work as well for people who have very severe sleep apnea (and thus are medically at-risk if they don't wear a CPAP). I returned my equipment yesterday to Apria, in Madison Heights (which I am NOT a fan of, by the way, for various reasons, so if you are just starting out with CPAP/CPAP supplies, choose a different company—Beaumont offers one other company to work with, I think), and it was basically just a big warehouse, and the return went as "smooth" as I thought it would go. (/sarcasm)
Tacos from Dos Molinos, Kokomo, IN
Tacos from Dos Molinos, Kokomo, IN

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