The Friday Five, 7/7/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

I know I say this almost every week, but this week has seemed REALLY long, especially for a three-day work week. This weekend I am heading to the west side of the state, for my annual Grand Haven/Holland/Saugatuck trip (and probably some Fennville, Crane's pies are super tasty), and we are also meeting up with an out-of-state friend and her family who will be in Holland too this weekend.

Marley Spoon Classic Steakhouse Dinner with loaded potatoes
Marley Spoon Classic Steakhouse Dinner with loaded potatoes

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Seeing movies. I didn't see a movie last Friday, but on Tuesday, we saw Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, at Emagine Novi for $5 tickets (and free popcorn). I accidentally took a snoozle because the A/C wasn't working right plus they have recliners, so I'm going to see the hour or so I missed tonight, since I'm also going to go see Asteroid City, the new Wes Anderson movie. Last night I saw Joy Ride, which was actually really funny—I didn't know much about the movie going into it, and it reminded me of Bridesmaids except with no wedding. The cast was great too: Sherry Colas (from Hulu's Good Trouble), Stephanie Hsu (from Prime's Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), and Ashley Park. See my video review here.
  2. Cooking. We had Marley Spoon this week and last week, and an EveryPlate box is coming on Tuesday. MS is one of my favorite meal kits, and the quality is usually really good; last night I cooked a ravioli recipe with pine nuts, panko, and parmesan cheese, something I wouldn't have thought to combine otherwise, and it was delicious. 
  3. Eating out and getting takeout. On Friday, I made the trek (10- to 15-minute drive, haha) to Oak Park to get Pink Garlic takeout, as they are my favorite Indian food in this area, and they won't deliver to Farmington Hills, where my boyfriend lives. On Saturday, my parents and I had Hungry Howie's takeout, and on Sunday, we met up with friends for The Cheesecake Factory. CF was running a promotion online, where you get $5 for every $25 gift card you buy, so we bought a $50 gift card beforehand (and got a free $10). If you sign up for their new rewards program you also get a free slice of cheesecake with any purchase. On Tuesday, since we didn't have to work, we went to Texas Roadhouse after seeing Indiana Jones, too. 
  4. Losing power. When we were at TXR for dinner on Tuesday night, my boyfriend noticed his house didn't have power, from one of the apps he has. DTE quoted us 10pm for the return time, and it ended up being like 4am, which was pretty unfortunate because it had been like 89 degrees out that day, and it was about 75 that night. I tried sleeping on the couch downstairs (it was cooler downstairs) but eventually moved back upstairs. DTE first said 10pm for a return time, then 2am, and it eventually came back on at 3:45am; the cause was "equipment malfunction" or something ridiculous. 
  5. Watching TV shows. After seeing Sherry Cola in Joy Ride yesterday, I returned back to Good Trouble, on Hulu—originally I really liked that show, and I stopped watching in or around season three (there are five seasons out now) because it did get a little slow. Right now I don't have a ton of TV to binge, though, although I did watch like one episode of the new Sweet Tooth season (on Netflix) yesterday too. Otherwise, yesterday I watched a new And Just Like That episode (new Sex and the City season) on Max, and on Wednesday I watched How I Met Your Father and Cruel Summer (both on Hulu). I finally finished Drops of God (AppleTV+) too, which I highly recommend. 
Adam's PB Cup Fudge Ripple cheesecake, from Cheesecake Factory
Adam's PB Cup Fudge Ripple cheesecake, from Cheesecake Factory

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