The Saturday Six, 9/16/23: 6 things I've been up to this week

Apologies for the late post, I was in Vegas Sunday night through yesterday, and I'm just now sitting back at my computer, so instead of a Friday Five post, we will have a Saturday Six!

Flamingo hotel, Las Vegas
Flamingo hotel, Las Vegas

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Trip to Las Vegas. We arrived Sunday around 10pm and two of my fiance's (! - more on that later) friends picked us up at the airport—this was technically a group trip but everyone had their own itineraries too. Overall it was a fun trip although five days in Vegas is quite a lot—I would recommend three to four nights overall, especially if you have been there before (if you haven't been there before, five nights might be good so you can explore everything). 
  2. Eating out. A lot of great meals in Vegas per usual. A sampling included: all-you-can-eat KBBQ with a local friend, Italian food at the Mirage, Mexican food at the Flamingo including a BOGO drink special, and ribs at the Golden Nugget downtown. You can see some pictures of the food at my Instagram posts here and here.
  3. Seeing shows. On Monday night we saw Piff the Magic Dragon at the Flamingo, which was unfortunately just okay; my parents had given it good reviews from the last time they were in Vegas (2019) and there was a Groupon deal for it, so we tried it out. On Thurday night, we saw Shim Lim (with guest Colin Cloud) and that was really good—pro tip, if you call the Mirage concierge directly (and you don't have to be in Vegas either to do so), you can save about $35 vs. ordering through Ticketmaster. I did that on Wednesday and the tickets were texted directly to my phone, and then I was able to login to my TM account and add them to it. 
  4. Going downtown and off the Strip. My fiance's friends had rented a yellow Mustang through Turo for a few days, and on Monday we went to the Shelby American museum with them, where Ford cars are converted into Shelbys (if you saw Ford vs. Ferrari, Matt Damon played Carroll Shelby, founder of the company), and also the Pinball Hall of Fame, which was awesome if you like pinball—most of the machines there were playable, and the Hall of Fame is a nonprofit, too; their (volunteers? or employees) are constantly working on the machines to make sure they are playable. I played a few machines from the 1940's-'60s which was pretty cool. 
  5. Doing a lot of walking. Some of the days I walked about 20,000 steps, which is a lot for me—on days I exercise, I get about 5,000 to 8,000 steps, and on more sedentary days I get maybe 3,000—and some of the other days it ended up being more like 5,000-6,000 steps. We definitely got a little lazy/our feet hurt near the end, so we Ubered to the Mirage from the Flamingo, where we stayed (five nights comped!), and back, for Shin Lim's show. Speaking of which, we stayed in a Go Mini Suite at the Flamingo; this was my first time staying at the Flamingo, but overall I enjoyed it, and the view from our suite was unreal ... probably the best view I've ever had from a Vegas room.
  6. Getting engaged (but not in Vegas). I got engaged two weeks ago; my then-boyfriend proposed to me on the Grand Haven pier, by the lighthouse, in one of our favorite cities (Grand Haven). I had to wait a week or so to publicly post the news because we wanted to share the news with close friends/family first, and last weekend I posted about it on Facebook and Instagram ... so now I finally get to share it here! We are aiming for a fall 2024 wedding, hopefully in September or October.
View from our Go Mini Suite at the Flamingo, Vegas
View from our Go Mini Suite at the Flamingo, Vegas

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