The Friday Five, 10/20/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

October is moving right along ... I can't believe it's October 20th already. This week I took a very short trip to Kansas for work (arrived Monday around 9pm and got back to DTW around the same time the next day) and other than that have not been doing much. 

Media Day at Corbion in Lenexa, KS
Media Day at Corbion in Lenexa, KS

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Quick 1-night/1-day work trip. I took an 8pm flight to MCI (Kansas City, MO) and then a Lyft into Kansas—about a half-hour drive—on Monday, and stayed there overnight, because at 8:30am the next day I attended a media day at Corbion (see above), in Lenexa, KS, for work. Overall it was a fun and informative day, and around 3:30pm I had to Lyft back to MCI, to make my 5:45pm flight, getting me back at DTW around 8:45pm. So, a very long 24 hours, but also fun. I had never been to Kansas before, or Missouri; if you want to be technical, I forgot I had a short layover at the St. Louis airport back in 2017, as my Swarm app reminded me of when I checked into MCI, but I don't count airports as actually visiting a state. 
  2. Watching TV. I started Everything Now on Netflix on the plane ride to MCI and I like it a lot—weirdly, it kind of reminds me of Sex Education, I think because both are Netflix shows about British kids in high school. Married at First Sight *technically* premiered on Wed., too, although they had some pre-premiere specials too. I started Lessons in Chemistry on AppleTV which I am really liking, but very curious to see where it goes after the end of episode two, which had kind of a crazy ending. I'm also watching Still Up on that platform, and I finished up the Love is Blind finale. My fiance and I have also been working our way through some Disney movies he hasn't seen: we watched Tangled, Brave, and are in the middle of Moana right now, too. 
  3. Sleeping through a movie. I went to see The Equalizer 3 last Friday and unfortunately I slept through 90% of it, as I was very tired. I will have to catch it again once it comes to streaming. 
  4. Cooking. We have Blue Apron this week, and have made two of the three meals so far, both of which were pretty good. We had Green Chef last week, which is one of my absolute favorites but normally is very pricey, about $80 per week (I think I paid $32 for the week, on discount); all three of the meals were fabulous. Next week we will have Green Chef again, again on discount, which should be nice. 
  5. Going back to the office. For about two hours last Friday morning, I went back to my old office building, in Troy, because they are moving, and asked local employees if we wanted to come in and take any furniture, artwork, office supplies, etc. I ended up with two nice pieces of art, a large file folder cabinet, and an assortment of office supplies like notebooks, Post-Its, etc. It was weird to see my old cube though—I've been with the company since 2012, but I worked in that cube from mid-2016 through March 2020—and see that most of the cubes were empty, since only a handful of people still work from the office. 
My old cube; I technically cleaned it out in May 2022
My old cube; I technically cleaned it out in May 2022

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