The Friday Five, 11/10/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has been a mix of a busy week and a laidback one, but tomorrow we are going to Houston for a few days—we booked this back in May, I think, and we will be going to the Renfest, which is what we did last year too, and exploring the area; my fiance lived there for a few years, too, a while back.

My two free Yelp drinks at Tiger Sugar, West Bloomfield
My two free Yelp drinks at Tiger Sugar, West Bloomfield

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Watching movies. Last Friday, I saw The Marsh King's Daughter at the theater—John R didn't have it, so I shlepped to Livonia instead (closer to my fiance's house though, for when I left the theater). Very glad I did; I'd give it 5/5 stars, and it was very, very good—click here to see my IG reel review. Yesterday I also saw Quiz Lady, on Hulu, which I had been wanting to see, with Awkwafina and Sandra Oh, and I thought it was cute and funny; I'd give it 3.5/5 stars, maybe 3.75. Will Ferrell is in it as well. Today I am going to go see The Marvels, although Priscilla looks really good too; the next two weeks are kinda crazy so this is probably the last theater movie I will see until then, though. 
  2. Binging TV shows. Selling Sunset's new season came out on Netflix last week and I definitely binged it over a few days, it's one of my favorite "guilty pleasure" shows. I also started The Buccaneers on AppleTV, based on an Edith Wharton book, which has been a little like Bridgerton but more PG-13 so far, although I'm only on episode three, and I've been watching Lessons in Chemistry (also AppleTV) and Upload, on Prime. 
  3. Takeout, dining out, and cooking. Last weekend, my fiance and I got Doordash from TKK Fried Chicken—this was my second time trying them out, the first time it was also via Doordash and just me, and they tried to charge me $3 extra (I think because I specified what side I wanted? Weird), which I then appealed with Doordash. I was supposed to get a biscuit, cheese curds, and the chicken tenders that time, plus apparently another side, and only the chicken and curds showed up. That being said, the curds were very good, so my fiance and I tried them again—and they sent curly fries instead of curds. Pretty disappointing—we are both cheese curd fans which is specifically why we ordered from them. On Sunday, my parents and I had Hungry Howie's takeout, and last night I met my parents at Maggiano's in Troy, one of our favorites, to celebrate their anniversary. 
    As far as cooking, we've had HelloFresh this week, which is always good (see the pork chops pic below) and we will have them next Saturday, too. Last week we had EveryPlate, which is actually owned by HelloFresh (but usually more inexpensive), and those meals were also good.
  4. Tiger Sugar Yelp event. Tiger Sugar in West Bloomfield was inviting Yelpers to come in for two free drinks, and both my fiance and I took advantage of that on Wednesday night. I got my favorite, the #3, which has like a chocolate malt coating, and I also tried a passion fruit tea with mango, although it may have been lychee jellies. I like Tigar Sugar a lot because they offer dairy-free milk alternatives—I usually get mine with Lactaid milk but I believe they have soy and maybe almond too. Click here to see my previous reel I did for them.
  5. Continuing to look for a wedding dress. One of my bridesmaids and my mom and I went to David's Bridal in Novi on Tuesday night so I could continue to look at wedding dresses. I was impressed with both my "stylist," who helped me choose some dress styles, and also the store itself—it had a ton of plus sizes, and also a lot of really reasonably priced gowns, too. I have one more appointment coming up in Ann Arbor, and if I don't find anything I like there, I may go back to David's Bridal OR buy the one dress I've really loved so far (but it's a bit pricey, so I was hoping to find something more reasonable ... we will see). 
Chili lime pork chops from HelloFresh
Chili lime pork chops from HelloFresh

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