The Friday Five, 11/3/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

Not as much going on this week versus the last, but still a lot of things and a lot of things to keep track of. Next weekend we are going to Houston for a few days, which we booked a long time ago, I think May, and that is probably my last (air) travel of the year, not counting Indiana for Thanksgiving/Christmas, for my fiance and I to visit with his family.

Godfather pizza from G's Pizza, Lake Orion
Godfather pizza from G's Pizza, Lake Orion

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Halloween. This was a very low-key Halloween this year—last year my fiance and I got two or three trick-or-treaters at his place, and this year we got a grand total of five, three being new neighbors and two being randoms that I didn't recognize. We (mostly he) made a Detroit-style pizza for dinner and we watched A Haunting in Venice on Hulu, which I thought was okay but a bit slow. I didn't get to dress up at all either, as I don't have kids and I wasn't attending any events. 
  2. Starting the search for a wedding dress. Our wedding is not until September 2024, but I've started looking for a dress now, as I've heard you need time to find one and then get it altered. I went to a place on Howell on Sunday with my two bridesmaids, because they were doing a sale, but didn't have much luck there. On Wednesday, my mom and I went to a bridal salon in West Bloomfield, and that was a much nicer experience: you make an appointment ahead of time, so the only people there were us two and the sales person. Next week I have an appointment at David's Bridal, and I'd also like to check out The Brides Project, in Ann Arbor, which sells new and previously worn dresses and is less expensive. 
  3. Checking out Round1 at Great Lakes Crossing. On Saturday, my fiance and I met up with some of his friends to bowl at Round1. I didn't expect it to be such a huge place—it's similar to a Dave & Buster's, and we also pooled some funds and gamed a bit as well. They have karaoke rooms too, apparently, and if you go during the week, it's the best deal: $14.99 a person for unlimited karaoke, games, and I think bowling. 
  4. Dining out. On Sunday, after my Howell bridal appointment, two of my bridesmaids and I went to El Arbol, in Brighton, which ended up being very good; almost like Imperial, in Ferndale, minus the hot dogs. On Saturday, after Round1, my fiance, his friends, and I went to G's Pizza, in Lake Orion, which was also very good—we had the Godfather pizza, pictured above, which had fresh mozzarella and huge portions of garlic on it, and also a Super pizza, which had green peppers, ham, onions, pepperoni, and mushrooms (also black olives, but I made them do half, because I hate olives). 
  5. Watching movies. My fiance and I rewatched The Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney+ this week, and it was even weirder than I remembered, but a fun movie. He had never seen Hocus Pocus 2 so we watched that as well; the modern day electronics jokes still make me laugh, but overall, the original is better, IMO. I also saw Dicks: The Musical in the theater yesterday and it was not for me; I laughed a few times, but really I want to know how Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally ended up in that movie (because of that, the singing was excellent, so instead of 1.5/5 stars, I'd probably give it 2/5 stars). Tonight I'm hoping to see The Marsh Girl's Daughter at AMC Livonia, if I have time after work, although Meg Ryan has a new romcom out, which was super intriguing—she hasn't done romcoms since like 2008 or the early 2010's—but I think the showtimes weren't convenient for me. 
3 Brussels sprouts tacos and 1 cactus taco at El Arbol, Brighton
3 Brussels sprouts tacos and 1 cactus taco at El Arbol, Brighton

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