The Friday Five, 12/1/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

How is it already December? November went by fast, although this week has been dragging, probably because last week was a shorter week.

Frozen musical at Detroit Opera House

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Frozen at the Detroit Opera House. I saw this last night at the Opera House, my first time seeing this musical (but I'm a big fan of the movie), and it did NOT disappoint. Usually when things are at the Opera House vs. the Fisher or Music Hall, it means that the set design is more complicated, and this one was wild; it was very interesting, as were the costume changes (at one point Elsa changes dresses in literally 1 second). I highly recommend it; it'll be at the Opera House until December 17. If you are a teacher, student, first responder, or military, you can get rush tickets (day-of tickets, at the Opera House box office) for $30, too.
  2. Indiana for Thanksgiving. My fiance's family lives in Indiana and we went there Friday to Sunday last week for Thanksgiving. Last year we had to skip it since we both had colds, so it was nice to spend some time with them. 
  3. Rewatching The Hunger Games series. I saw the Hunger Games prequel at the theater last week and it was really good. The other movies in the series (the four of them, since Mockingjay was separated into Part 1 and Part 2 movies) are all streaming on Peacock, and I've rewatched three of them this week; I only have Mockingjay Part 2 left to watch. I forgot how good the movies are, and I liked the books a lot too. 
  4. Cooking. We had a HelloFresh box this week and we cooked kofta-style burgers (see below for picture), which were good but kinda hard to eat (they were huge!), and also some sweet and spicy pork and cashew tacos on Wednesday, which were just okay. Next week we will have an EveryPlate box coming on Monday. 
  5. Watching TV shows. I'm a week behind on The Buccaneers on AppleTV, and I have also been watching Married at First Sight and The First Wives Club, the former BET show which is now on Netflix—I really liked the original movie and this one is fun too. Virgin River has two new episodes up too in the current season, I think holiday-themed ones, so I'll watch that at some point.
Kofta burgers from HelloFresh
Kofta burgers from HelloFresh

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