The Friday Five, 12/15/23: 5 things I've been up to this week

It may be a stretch to come up with five things I did this week, because I tested positive for COVID (my third time, ugh ...) last week and so have not been doing much except sleeping and trying to work a bit this week. 

Blue Apron steak with gnocchi and zucchini
Blue Apron steak with gnocchi and zucchini

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. Thankfully I had a Blue Apron box show up last Saturday; I've been quarantining at my fiance's house with him and he was able to cook for us. He made the Blue Apron steak with gnocchi and zucchini, as pictured above, and I helped make the paneer wraps (see below) which were also very good. I think our third meal was beef quesadillas from them. My next box is EveryPlate but it's not coming until Monday. 
  2. Watching TV shows. The Crown is back on Netflix but we hadn't seen season 5 part 1, so that's what we watched earlier this week. Six new episodes showed up yesterday and we are about halfway through those, too. We've also been watching Picard (Paramount+, but my fiance owns the first season) and I've been watching The Buccaneers (AppleTV) and The First Wives Club (the Netflix show, not the movie, although I love the movie too). I've continued watching Married at First Sight, as well. 
  3. Reading. I haven't done a lot of reading this year, or at all during the pandemic, really (are we still in a pandemic? Who knows), but I read The Marsh King's Daughter, which the movie was based on (which I loved; I gave it 5/5 stars in my Instagram reel), and which was very good, and I've been reading The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren, which I think I took out of the library maybe ~2 months ago and now it's due on Monday. 
  4. Cleaning up my house. Before I tested positive last Thursday, I had put together a lot of stuff to bring to my fiance's house, and now that I'm feeling a little better and can touch things again, I've been trying to find space for it here. 
  5. Having people do porch pickups. I gave away some earrings and other things—I love the Buy Nothing groups on Facebook, those are good for this type of thing—and also people have been picking up bridesmaids' dresses and other things from me, with a contactless porch pickup.
Blue Apron paneer wraps with cilantro dipping sauce and carrots
Blue Apron paneer wraps with cilantro dipping sauce and carrots

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