The Friday Five, 3/1/24: 5 things I've been up to this week

Another long week—not super busy, and we actually have a weekend at home for once (we were supposed to go to Cincinnati, long story there), which should be nice.

Free cheese bread from Green Lantern
Free cheese bread from Green Lantern

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Hanging with my fiance's family. My fiance's parents were in town from Indiana last weekend, so we had a lot of good meals with them, and also they came over to my condo on Sunday, and he and his dad helped move one of my bookcases out. His parents also got to FINALLY meet my parents—this was the third attempt, because on attempts 1 and 2, someone had COVID each time! We got some pizza from Domino's and also free cheesy bread from Green Lantern, the new Southfield location, since I had a coupon. 
  2. Dining out/doing takeout/cooking. On Friday night, the first night his parents were in town, we got takeout from Sidecar Slider Bar, in Farmington, which is always tasty. On Saturday, we went to On the Border, in Northville, which unfortunately wasn't great ... we waited like 5-10 minutes for a hostess to seat us, the restaurant was super cold (everyone was wearing their coats, wasn't just me!), the food was expensive for what you got, and the bathrooms were kinda messy. The food was good, but I have also had better birria tacos. On Sunday, we went to Culver's for lunch, then had Domino's/Green Lantern takeout with all four of our parents. 
    In addition, we had a HelloFresh box this week, and have cooked two of the three meals so far—there is still one steak dish left to cook this weekend.
  3. Watching movies. I saw The Reeducation of Molly Singer on Netflix, which reminded me of No Hard Feelings but was a lot of fun, and then Netflix immediately suggested Players for me, with the Jane the Virgin girl in it, which was also a fun film. I received a digital copy of Poor Things for my blog (check back soon for a giveaway!), and my fiance and I watched half of it and will watch the rest this weekend (a rewatch for me). I saw Argylle at the theater yesterday and it was interesting—similar to the Kingsman movies (same director too)—but unfortunately kept devolving, so I'd give it 2.5/5 stars overall. It was also way too long—about 2 hours and 20 minutes—and could have been much shorter.
  4. Watching TV shows. Same ones as last week for the most part, but Feud: Capote vs. the Swans is getting very good, on Hulu. I'd like to watch the other Feud season too, which Hulu also still has. The Good Doctor is also back, I saw (Hulu/ABC), which is another favorite of mine. I saw Max (HBO) will have a show starting on Sunday with Kate Winslet, too, which also looks good.
  5. Yelp pickup event. The four of us (myself, fiance, and his parents) all went to Treat Dreams on Ferndale on Sunday to pick up a Yelp-themed sundae. I am a fan of Treat Dreams but hadn't been for a while, and it's definitely changed—they now have three businesses under one roof, with a sandwich place (which used to be a sandwich truck, actually—I'm wondering if they still have that too) and a coffee place there now, in addition to the ice cream place. The sundae was delicious but I was mildly disappointed because others who got the ice cream earlier in the week were able to choose their own flavor, and the store told us Yelp had chosen Vanilla Bean for us. We also bought some half-pints to take home, one of which was Raspberry Paczki flavor, and the small taste I've eaten of it so far was super tasty.
HelloFresh steak "bowl" with dill & veggies, couscous, pita
HelloFresh steak "bowl" with dill & veggies, couscous, pita

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