The Friday Five, 4/12/24: 5 things I've been up to this week

I spent the beginning of this week in Indiana for the eclipse, and then we drove back Tuesday, so it's been a shortened but very long week, since I've spent most of it playing catchup.

Ice cream flight at Browndog Barlor, Northville
Ice cream flight at Browndog Barlor, Northville

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling to Indiana. We were there Saturday through Tuesday, and the eclipse was Monday. Indiana got 100% totality and it was pretty cool to see; I snuck a half-second look without glasses when it was at totality, too, and it was a neat sight. I also met more of my fiance's extended family —his aunt and uncle came in from Minnesota, and another uncle from Florida—and we broke out some new games, too, such as UNO Show 'Em No Mercy (see pic below), which was fun.
  2. Eating out. In Indiana, we mostly ate homecooked meals, but on the last day, we made it to their new Raising Cane's. I LOVE Cane's and the only one in Michigan right now is in East Lansing, although I heard they are opening one in Canton soon too, which is more feasible for me. I usually get the three-tender basket and it includes their addictive sauce, plus Texas toast and fries. I like their sweet tea a lot too but before a 4+ hour car ride I just got root beer instead. 
    On Wednesday night, I had a T-Mobile Tuesday promotion for a $1 orange chicken bowl at Panda Express (just orange chicken and rice), and since we were in the area anyways (I was returning some stuff at David's Bridal in Novi), we stopped by. We also got some egg rolls, and the $1 bowl was surprisingly filling.
    Last night, my fiance and I went to Browndog Barlor, in Northville, which always has delicious ice cream—see below. 
  3. Yelp event, kinda. Yelp was doing an "event" at Browndog Barlor in Northville, one of my favorites—I say "event" because you could stop by anytime Sunday through Thursday. Since we were out of town, only Wednesday and Thursday worked, and on Wednesday I was busy, so we went last night. I actually did not get accepted for this event (I was on the waitlist, which often happens with super popular events) but my fiance did, so his meal—spicy bacon burger with sweet potato fries and CINNAMON CREAM CHEESE (so good)—was comped, as was his scoop of ice cream for dessert. I always get the ice cream flight there, and I tried their new bulgogi hoagie too, which was also good—I should mention that they've completely revamped their menu, although of course they kept their ice cream, and also their collection of fries (spicy, truffle, "Browndog" aka with chocolate shavings [sounds weird but is amazing], and now they have sweet potato fries too). I still have yet to find a menu item I really love there, but their ice cream flight is always awesome. 
  4. Watching the eclipse. We combined a trip to see my fiance's family with the chance to see the eclipse at 100% totality, and it was pretty cool. I was surprised by how cold it got with the sun no longer out, and it was interesting to see it go from what looked like 3/4 full, to 1/2, to 1/4, etcetera ... at one point it kinda looked like a Pac-Man, through the glasses. I think 4-4.5 hours would have been a long drive for JUST the eclipse, but I know a lot of people went to Ohio (Toledo, so maybe 1-1.5 hour drive) which is not quite as long of a drive—I think for that amount of driving time, it would be worth it. I think Michigan got maybe 99-99.3% totality and I've heard it's not the same (i.e. we saw the moon cover the entire sun).
  5. Watching TV shows. Mostly ones I've been continuing: Loot and Palm Royale on AppleTV, Married at First Sight although this season is beginning to feel LONG, Not Dead Yet and Abbott Elementary on Hulu, and I just started Feud season 1 on Hulu, since I enjoyed season 2. I also watched The Good Doctor and I have new episodes of The Girls on the Bus (Max) and Elsbeth (CBS/Paramount+) to watch today too. Elsbeth is actually a spinoff of The Good Wife, which I never have seen, but IMO it's good as a standalone show too; the main titular character kind of reminds me of Mr. Monk (from Monk, one of my favorite shows).
UNO Show 'Em No Mercy game
UNO Show 'Em No Mercy game

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