The Friday Five, 4/19/24: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has been an odd one because I was in Dallas Sunday through Tuesday for work, and I feel like I've been playing catch-up since then (and Wednesday definitely felt like Monday for me). 

Giant Eye sculpture, Dallas
Giant Eye sculpture, Dallas

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling to Dallas for work. I was there for two days and two nights, which is usually the shorter end of my work trips, although next month for the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Indianapolis I'll be there for the same amount of time. This time was for SNX, which is a snacks conference. I was also able to see a friend who lives in Dallas, which was super nice because I hadn't seen her since 2018, when we met on a group trip. I saw the Giant Eye sculpture (pictured above), too, which I had seen on Google Maps and was definitely intrigued by; someone else asked me if it changes images, like the Sphere in Vegas, but it does not.
  2. Eating out. Last Friday, I met a friend and her boyfriend at Imperial in Ferndale, which is one of my favorites. On Saturday, I went to Brentwood Grille for a wedding shower which also included lunch (more on that below), and Saturday night I saw my parents and we got Hungry Howie's takeout. On Sunday, I was on my own for lunch in Dallas, so I went to Pecan Lodge, which had been recommended—it was fabulous BBQ, and I got brisket and ribs. On Monday, my friend and I went to Partenope for dinner, in Dallas, and on Tuesday I got Whataburger for a late lunch/early dinner at DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth airport) which was fun since I don't get that often. Yesterday, my fiance and I got Doordash from Sy Thai (Birmingham, not Troy), as well, which is always tasty. 
  3. Wedding shower. We are going to THREE weddings in May, which is kinda nuts—two are friends' of my fiance's, although I'm friends with the first couple now too, and he's a groomsman in that one, in Cincinnati; I have my quick Indy trip in between #1 and #2, and then we have one in Chicago; and the third is for one of my friends I've known a long time, since I moved here in 4th grade, and it's in Detroit. That is whom the wedding shower was for, at Brentwood Grille in Novi, which I hadn't been to before—I think because it used to be a different restaurant, according to Yelp. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves, for lunch, and it was very nice. 
  4. Watching movies and TV. I watched Irena's Vow for a blog review (click here to read that) last week, and on the plane I watched The Other Zoey on the way to Dallas—kind of an odd premise, but 3.5/5 from me—and Ferrari on the way back, which was disappointing. It was a bit too slow and probably 2/5 or 2.5/5 from me. The actual story, however, is interesting, but I feel like I learned more from Wikipedia after than the movie. I will say Adam Driver was great as Enzo Ferrari in it, but I prefer Ford v. Ferrari more. 
    As for TV, I started Under the Bridge on Hulu this week, with Lily Gladstone, which so far is excellent, and also based on a true story. The Circle on Netflix is back, too, which is one of my favorites, and Wednesday and yesterday I watched Abbott Elementary, The Girls on the Bus, Not Dead Yet, Palm Royale, and Loot. I still need to catch up on Married at First Sight tonight too (anyone else feel like this season is going on FOREVER?) but we are going to AMC Livonia later to see the movie version of Spy x Family, which is an anime that my fiance and I both enjoy (rare for me, as I'm not really an anime fan, in general).
  5. Finishing online survey. I was offered the chance to participate in a study—not sure if I can say whom it's for, but it's for a major social media company. It lasted 28 days and every day I had to login to an app and record my creator habits for the day—i.e., did I converse with anyone on this app, or post any new content, etc. Today I'm also participating in a video with a real person for some extra money, too. They paid me well for this (hence why I agreed to participate ...) so I'll probably be using that money towards our wedding.
Elote, taco, and hot dog at Imperial, Ferndale
Elote, taco, and hot dog at Imperial, Ferndale

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